Joseph is sold to the Midianites who take him to Egypt where he is bought by Potiphar. From Genesis 37:29-36 commented by ASV and questions

Ruben’s concern

When Joseph’s brothers sold him to the Midianites, Ruben the first-born was not present, and when he came back to the pit, his brothers had left, and the pit was empty. He tore his cloths in despair, what should he now say to his father, Rueben’s concern was not Joseph; his concern was himself, and what to tell his father.

The lie

Then Rueben went after his brothers, he found them and said, “The boy is not there; as for me, where shall I go” Rueben had just lost his brother and the only thoughts he had was about himself. However, his brothers helped him with constructing the lie he could present to his father. “Then they took Joseph’s tunic, slaughtered a male goat and dipped the tunic in the blood; and they brought the multicolored tunic to their father, saying, “We have found this; please examine it and decide whether or not it is your son’s tunic


Israel concluded, that Joseph was dead, and he wept for his son, the one he had in mind as leader for the dawning nation of Israel. In verse 35 his sons and daughters attempted to comfort him, this is the second time Moses is mentioning Jacob’s daughters, the first time it happened was in Hamor’s speech to his people in Shechem. Israel had more than one daughter, probably as many as he had sons; however, Moses didn’t notice them by name or numbered them.

Did his best

Meanwhile the events followed God’s plan, God is never the problem, the difficulties and troubles are come by us. Potiphar the captain of Pharos guard bought Joseph on the slave market. Joseph accepted his position as slave, started to labor for Potiphar, and did his best and God made it even better. Joseph could have messed it all up by trying to escape or Sabotaging his work, however believing in God he flourished in His blessings.


  1. Do we understand God’s plan by what happens in our life?
  2. How do you enter God’s plan?
  3. Are we born liars?
  4. What do we need to learn, to lie or how not to lie?

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