Jacob tells his son Joseph to go and see how his brothers were doing, Joseph journeys to find his brothers, From Genesis 37:12-17 commented by ASV and questions

You are looked after

Joseph was young, only seventeen, but he was not afraid to set out for a journey from Kiriath-arba to Shechem a two to three days travel and back, looking for his brothers. Coming there, he didn’t find them, and roamed around looking for them. There a man found him and asked what he was looking for, “I am looking for my brothers. Please tell me where they are pasturing” this was most certainly from God, a man given the information or an angel; he said, “They have moved on from this place. I heard them say, ‘Let us go to Dothan

An order to completion

God had given him dreams, Joseph believed in his God and knew that this help was from Him, and then he continued another two days travel towards Dothan further north. Joseph was compulsory and obedient, because here he had an opportunity to turn around and travel back to his father saying, “Sorry I didn’t find them”. Nevertheless, that was not in Joseph’s mind, his father gave him an assignment and Joseph was determined to complete it.


  1. Do you give up when struggle and obstacles come your way?
  2. Do you believe God is with you in every step you take?
  3. Is God’s way the easy way?

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