Hamor shechem’s father went to Jacob to make a deal, Jacob’s sons arrive at the camp from Genesis 34:7-13 commented by ASV and questions


Hamor shechem’s father went to Jacob to talk to him about the marriage, and he proposed to Jacob that they mixed; the people of Shechem and Jacobs’s family by intermarry. For Hamor, this was business to gain more wealth, he didn’t consider about what happened to Dinah, his son had the right to pick the girl he wanted and sleep with her, Hamor wanted to please him and make a deal with Jacob.


The family of Jacob had been raised with high moral and when his sons heard of the offence, they turned angry, in their mind, this was strictly forbidden and had to be punished.

More than one

Did Jacob have only one daughter, Dinah, the child of Leah? When Hamor talked to Jacob, he said, “And intermarry with us; give your daughters to us and take our daughters for yourselves” Normally there would be as many daughters as sons in the Jacob’s family, here Hamor says, daughters, plural, this could mean that Jacob had more than one daughter.

A criminal

When Jacobs sons had returned from the field Hamor came for a second time, now with Shechem his son and presented them his proposal, Jacob’s sons were bitter and angry and now they met the offender face to face, but they had learned to keep their peace and deceitfully gave Hamor their answer. Shechem offered Jacob and his sons whatever they asked of him for their sister Dinah to be his wife, but to Jacob’s 11 sons he was a criminal and could not buy them off.


  1. How does hate arise?
  2. Does God protect his people?
  3. Who does the revenge belong to?

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