Jacob fled, Laban pursues Jacob, from Genesis 31:22-42 commented by ASV and questions

Laban was a threat to Jacob

Jacob fled three days before Laban detected it and pursued Jacob and overtook them after seven days, in the Hill country of Gilead south of the sea of Galilea and east of the river Jordan. To reach that far in ten days they must have moved quickly, probably on the backs of camels and mules, Jacob undoubtedly feared Laban.

In his anger

Laban gathered his relatives in Haran, and they could have been many, may be 200 grown up men trained as soldiers as were the custom at that time. Laban came with a small army and it was obvious the he meant to harm Jacob; Laban came in his anger.

His proper name

Laban believed in several gods; however, the real God spoke to him in a dream and he understood that this was the awesome God of Abraham that Eliezer spoke about when he fetched Rebekah to marry Isaac 120 years ago. Laban had learned to know this mighty God and called Him by His proper name, YaHaWaH, when talking about him. Laban feared this mighty God that defended and blessed Jacob. God told Laban to watch his tongue when speaking to Jacob.

Speeches to cover up and impress

When Laban met Jacob, he made a speech, he blamed Jacob for running away without informing him, but all these words were mainly to convince and impress all his relatives coming with him, of his great personality and goodness, however Jacob and Laban’s daughters new who Laban really was. The same goes for leaders today, who they are do not matter to them, they make speeches.

There is another story

Now Jacob answered Laban and told quiet another story. That Laban was greedy and ruthless and was not concerned about Jacob or his own daughters or his grandchildren. Jacob revealed Laban’s plan to leave him with nothing, giving him only one option, to stay in Haran and continue to work for his master.

Not to fight back

Crafty and greedy people will always exploit others, but to fight them is not the way, we must take the losses and leave it to God, He is not just mighty He also have magnificent ears and sight and He is not slumbering on His 24/7 watch.


  1. Is it difficult to leave things to God?
  2. Do God love your enemies?
  3. What did Jesus say about the matter?

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