Jacob leaves for home without informing Laban about it, from Genesis 31:14-21 commented by ASV and questions

Fear of man

Here Jacob shows that he didn’t believe God in everything. Jacob left with all his camp without telling Laban, leaving Laban’s flock of sheep and goats unguarded. Jacob believed his God helped him, however he feared Laban more than he trusted God. Instead of facing the problem having faith in God, he runs away with his wives and small ones on camels. Jacob crossed the river Euphrates and headed for the hill country of Gilead east of the Jordan River and south of the sea of Galilea.

Give God the credit

With God, we can face the troubles in our life, we don’t need to run, and we can stand up with the strong hand of God on our side always presenting the truth. Moreover, remember when things go your way, give God the credit.  


  1. Do you avoid or escape the truth in your daily life?
  2. Do you lie instead of facing the real facts?

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