God makes Jacob rich with flocks and herds, camels and slaves and whatever he needed, from Genesis 30:37-43 commented by ASV and questions

To know the hand of God in what’s going on

What Jacob is doing in these verses, humanly thinking seems stupid actually, and those branches he made wouldn’t have had any influence on the color of the offspring, of course not. So why did he do it, the answer is that he communicated with God and told Him that if the offspring is not white when mating at the sticks I know that You have answered me, for this is not possible.

He knew without doubt that God made him riche

God made Jacob rich, his flocks increased and he separated them from the white sheep and goats, which he pastured. His sons looked after his own flock. However Jacob’s flocks grew bigger and bigger, and when he needed more labor he just bought “slaves” in the “slave markets” in Haran. Jacob also prepared for his travel home and bought camels and donkeys.

Not many or much

What we can learn from what Jacob did here is that when we pray to God, additional to our prayer we also have to act “put our hand to something” God cannot bless what we don’t do. What we say is not too important; you don’t need to use many words, and not many people to pray for you.

First step

What is of much more importance is the condition of your heart; in your heart, your spirit and soul are located. First step is to change your spirit, throw your old away and install a new one; 2 Corinthians 5:17. Now you are ready to change, but in the physical, nothing has happened.

Second step

Second step is to change your lifestyle, from a life with the world, to a life with the Word. You have to conduct what is influencing your brain, your way of thinking. You have to turn off all the information from TV, from your friends, from the medics, all? Yes all because in the beginning you are not capable of selecting and filter the info being thrown at you.

Not want to, but need to

Then you need to open up for the Word to move your brain to think like God, you have to dig deep in the Bible, slowly, deep, and chronically, from the beginning to the end. After being baptized in water and in the Spirit you need to discipline your body with all your 5 senses, instead of saying I want, your saying should be; “I need to”

Expose the lie

 It is not hard work; in yourself, it is impossible; you need Jesus by The Holy spirit to help you, every day? Yes every day, shutting the doors, where the devil can slip in. He is slippery as a snake; however, The Holy Spirit will expose the lie and give you the truth.


  1. Do you have the new spirit in your heart?
  2. Do you understand that the Word is Jesus?
  3. Do you think your body is your friend?
  4. Do you need some of the Bible or the whole Bible?
  5. Do you need some of your body or the whole body?

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