Rachel prays to YHWH for a child, Joseph is born, from Genesis: 30:22-24 commented by ASV and questions

Pray to the only God

Then God remembered Rachel, why did God remember her, yes because of her prayers, this time she prayed to the real God, the God of Abraham with the name YHWH. Prayer is a strong way to communicate with God, they give Him pleasure, not because of many words, but because they come from the heart with faith in that God is able to answer.

Joseph is born

Rachel conceived and gave birth to a son and named him Joseph meaning; “may He add” She hoped for even another son and said, “May the LORD add to me another son.” Rachel showed that she was not content with the gift God had given her she wanted more. However, Rachel for the first time used God’s proper name YaHaWaH. This time Rachel credited the God of Abraham for her child Joseph.


  1. Do we need to acknowledge and know in our heart, that God the father of Jesus is our only provider?
  2. Do we accept it, if the answer is “read the bible every day, stop watching TV, stop slandering, gossiping and complaining?
  3. Do God know you, by looking at your heart? 

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