Leah gives Zilpah to Jacob and fights her good fight, from Genesis 30:9-13, commented by ASV and questions

The battle

The battle between the sisters is going on and Leah gives Zilpah to Jacob and she gives birth to Jacob’s seventh son and Leah names him Gad, good fortune, Leah is telling Jacob that he is lucky having her. Then Zilpah gives birth again to Jacob’s eighth son and Leah calls him Asher (happy) telling her husband that she is happy and brings happiness to Jacob.

Our battle

How can we fight the same battle as Leah did, is it important for us to fight the same fight in this modern world, actually it is. What we can do is linking certain labels to our name. Labels like; honesty, kindness, thinking of others first, always doing the best we can in our work even when nobody watches, treating everyone the same. When people see or hear your name, they think by themselves; oh, that’s the honest good one, him or her can we trust.


  1. Where do you find your good personality?
  2. How can you change from bad to good?
  3. Is it vital whom you get along with daily?  

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