Rachel gives Bilhah to Jacob, Bilhah gives birth to Dan and Naphtali, from Genesis 30:1:24 commented by ASV and questions

Words selected tells a story

Moses wrote this book and the words he used told a story, here in these verses Leah called God with his proper name; YaHaWaH when God blessed her with children. Rachel on the other hand used the word Elohim, it could mean the only God, but could also mean any god that would help her. In her heart, Rachel probably worshipped several false gods.

A property changes owner

When Rachel could not have children, she gave Bilhah to Jacob to have children by her. Jacob told her that God had denied her children and she wanted God to take this curse away from her by her maid. Bilhah was a young girl and Rachel’s property, and now she gave her to Jacob, then Bilhah became Jacob’s property and his wife.

How we become man and wife

Moses is here telling us how the matrimony works, if a man and a woman have sexual intercourse they become man and wife, they are one. This is what God has created; the man and woman are now responsible for a family.

Any god

Bilhah gives birth to a son and Rachel calls him Dan, she wants to tell Jacob that God has looked into her case and has acquitted her in His heavenly court; she is free and ready to have children. However, Rachel still uses the word Elohim for God and not his proper name, she probably prays to any god for help.

Wrestling and struggle

Dan is Jacob’s fifth son and the name means He judged. Bilhah gets pregnant again and gives birth to her second son and Rachel calls him Naphtali meaning “my wrestling”. Rachel and Leah were sisters; however, they were not friends. Leah married Jacob first and thought she was his rightful wife, and then Rachel comes and steals him away from her. There is a battle going on between the two sisters and Naphtali, Jacobs’s sixth son verifies it every time someone uses his name.


  1. What or who is the god in your daily life?
  2. How do you relate to your enemies?
  3. Do you listen when God talks?

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