Leah gives birth to Rueben, Simeon, Levi and Judah, from Genesis 29:32-35 commented by ASV and questions


Leah had four children in a row without Rachel having none, the firstborn Rueben. When he was borne Leah said, “see a son” again at that period in history, a son was more wanted than a daughter, Leah was happy and hoped Jacob would love her more giving him a son.

Simeon, Levi and Judah

Then the second one Simeon, Leah had another son, she had been praying to YaHaWaH for a son and she said YaHaWaH hears which the meaning of the name Simeon is. Then she got a third son Levi and hoped Jacob would be more attached to her, attached to is a possible meaning of the name Levi. And Leah also had a forth son and she called him Judah, possible meaning “praise YaHaWaH”

A plan

Leah gave names to her sons with a plan and wanted Jacob to get her message. When Jacob called Rueben or when the name Rueben was brought up, it reminded him that Leah gave him a son. The name Simeon told Jacob that Leah prayed to YaHaWaH for a son and He answered and gave him Simeon. The name Levi gave Jacob the message of that Leah wanted Jacob to be more attached to her. In addition, the name Judah told Jacob that Leah praised YaHaWaH for Judah and that Leah had faith in YaHaWaH and knew He looked after her and had a personal relationship to her, and she knew His name. 


  1. Are names important?
  2. Do names mean something?
  3. Is there an inside beauty?

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