Zilpah and Bilhah, Jacob favors Rachel, from Genesis 29:28-30 commented by ASV and questions


Laban gave two of his maids to serve Leah and Rachel, Zilpah to Leah and Bilhah to Rachel, probably two young girls that acted more like slaves than servants according to our standards, however, in those days this was accepted as the norm.

Not favored

Jacob was in love with Rachel and favored her in front of Leah. Laban cheated Jacob giving him Leah as wife, but that was not Leah’s fault, daughters just obeyed their fathers at that period in history. By favoring Rachel over Leah, he was not fair and God saw it and did not like it, He closed the womb of Rachel, she was barren but Leah had children. God favored the one that was not favored.


  1. Do God favor you?
  2. Is God always fair?

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