Laban cheats Jacob, Jacob marries Leah and Rachel and he committs for another seven years of labor, from Genesis 29:21-27, commented by ASV and questions

Laban had a plan

Finally, it was time for fulfilling Jacobs longing for Rachel and he said, Give me my wife, for my time is completed, so that I may take her to me”. However, Laban had a plan and gathered the whole town of Haran to celebrate; he prepared a feast with an abundance of food and drink. The only goal with the feast was to make Jacob drunk when he went into his promised wife late at night or early in the morning.

Not sober Jacob

Laban told Leah to go into Jacob to be his wife, Leah obviously knew that Jacob expected Rachel to come, but the girls at that time listened to their fathers, Rachel stayed and Leah went into a not sober Jacob and became his wife.

Seven more years

However, later when Jacob had sobered up, he noticed that Laban had cheated him, he got furious, and probably shouted at him, What is this that you have done to me? Did I not work for you for Rachel? Why have you deceived and betrayed meHowever Laban kept his calm and followed his plan, “It is not the tradition here to give the younger before the older. Finish the week for Leah; then we will give you Rachel also, and in return you shall work for me for seven more years.”

The same price

Laban was crafty, Rachel was a lot more attractive than Leah was, but now Laban got the same price for Leah as for Rachel, seven years of free labor. Then he “sold” Rachel on credit for another seven years of free labor, Laban played on the fact that Jacob was in love with Rachel, when being in love we are bad negotiators.


  1. What does John 3:16 tells you about what love is?
  2. Has the value of women change from the time of Jacob?
  3. How many females are killed in abortion?
  4. What did Jesus say about mammon?

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