Seven years for Rachel, Laban bargains with Jacob. From Genesis 29:15-20 commented by ASV and questions

Profitable bargain

The situation promised for a profitable bargain for both parts, Jacob wanted Rachel and Laban wanted Jacob to stay as long as possible, Laban gave the impression of helping Jacob, “Just because you are my relative, should you work for me for nothing? Tell me, what should your wages be?” 

Win win

What Laban really wanted was his sheep and cattle to increase, he knew Jacob’s affection for Rachel, and that he would do most anything to gain her. Jacob also knew the cards on the table and offered his value, the blessing of Abraham’s God when looking after the flocks for his uncle, “I will serve you for seven years for Rachel your younger daughter.” It was a win win situation: both got what they wanted.

Got nothing

However, humanly thinking, what did Jacob obtain with this, a wife yes, but other than that he got nothing, Laban did not offer him any salary, but Jacob was happy, he relied on his grandfather’s awesome God, YaHaWaH, if doing the will of God we can do the same, trust in Jesus and not serve the mammon.

Precious moment

Those seven years was a time of hope for Jacob, he probably thought of Rachel every day, he was in love. May be you remember the time you were in love and longed for someone, those moments do not repeat itself, it is one precious moment of time and Jacob had it for 7 years: and they seemed like days to him.


  1. Who is the source of your salary?
  2. Who will look after you?
  3. Who does the revenge belongs to?

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