Esau gives away his birthrights for a lentil stew. From Genesis 25:27-34 commented by ASV and questions

The flesh

Esau was a hunter an outdoor man, he lived most of his life in the nature, on mountains, by rivers and lakes and of course he looked fresh and healthy and he steady brought meat for the family. Isaac his father loved what he saw and enjoyed tasting the meat from the wilderness. Isaak lived by his flesh and favored Esau before Jacob.

Stronger than the other

With Rebekah it was different, she remembered what YaHaWaH told her when she was pregnant; two nations are in your womb; and the separation of two nations has begun in your body; The one people shall be stronger than the other; And the older shall serve the younger.” Rebekah had her faith in what her father in law had told her about becoming a nation and nations. She mixed Abraham’s word together with what God told her, and knew that through Jacob God would fulfill His promises and she loved Jacob.

The war

When Rebekah was pregnant it was a war in her womb, when the twins grew up it was a “war” between them in the sense that Jacob was struggling to gain the rights of Esau as the first born, because he knew from his mother that it belonged to him. In addition, later when the descendants of Esau and Jacob had formed nations, the war continued.

God saw and heard it

And one day Jacob saw his opportunity when he was making lentil stew and Esau came back from hunting completely exhausted and the fragrance of the lentil stew hit his nose and he asked Jacob for some of it. Esau was Jacobs only brother and normally a brother would help his hungry brother without any conditions. But Jacob and Esau was two different nations and there was a spiritual war between them, and Jacob grabbed this moment and had his brother swear that he had given over to Jacob his birthrights. May be Esau thought that it was only a word between his brother and him, no witnesses, however, he forgot about God who heard and saw all that were going on when Esau served his flesh and Jacob served the word of God given to him by his mother. 


  1. Do spoken words matter?
  2. How do we recognize our flesh?
  3. Does God notice absolute everything?

ASV notes on Genesis 25:19-26 and questions

Isaac and Rebekah, the faith and the Word

60 and 160

It seemed that Rebekah or Isaac was unable to have children, and I am sure that they discussed this with Abraham the father of Isaac and He most likely told them that God would fulfill his promises about Abraham becoming great nations in its due time. However, it took 20 years for Isaac to understand where to turn to for having children. Isaac prayed to YaHaWaH believing in God’s promises and Rebekah got pregnant, Isaac being 60 and Abraham 160.

What does, the faith comes of?

Why did Isaac believe in God’s promises, the only reason is because of all the words he constantly heard from the mouth of his mother and father, they told him day by day about all that YaHaWaH had done for them and why his name was laughter, Isaac. Now he prayed in faith and God answered immediately. 


Why do we have to pray to God about all the promises in his word? He has promised so why can’t He just do it. It is again, this word faith, is which everything pivots around whether we like it or not. In Hebrews, 11:1 we can dig for the treasures buried there. Now faith is the assurance (title deed, confirmation) of things hoped for (divinely guaranteed), and the evidence of things not seen [the conviction of their reality—faith comprehends as fact what cannot be experienced by the physical senses].”

Not blame, and the foundation

First, faith is assurance of things hoped for, “things hoped for” is all the promises in the Bible, however, before that you have to establish the foundation, namely that all the words in the Bible are from God, every single one of them. You cannot blame the translations, because you can always go to the Interlinear Bible and look at the Hebrew text in The Old Testament and Greek in The New Testament. First then, when you have decided in your heart that the words in the Bible are from God, then you can start digging for the true treasures buried in the Word.

That is not faith

Back to faith in Hebrews 11:1;  Assurance is what happens in your heart, not in your brain, it is influenced of what you daily are thinking about, but for the assurance to be established in your heart it takes time, the longest distance you ever “walk” in your life is from your brain down to your heart. “And evidence of things not seen” it doesn’t say things that are not, no those things not seen are in a perfect shape and in a perfect world, not like this imperfect world that we can see. Our problem is that we cannot sense them, not see them, not touch them and we don’t like that, we want to confirm it by our senses, but that is not faith.

From hearing

Our hopes are reality, but we cannot see them. Now you know what faith is, the problem is how to obtain it. To dig further we need more scriptures, Romans 10:16-17; But they did not all pay attention to the good news [of salvation]; for Isaiah says,Lord, who has believed our report?  So faith comes from hearing [what is told], and what is heard comes by the message concerning Christ.”

A person

Again there are different steps to take, first we need to pay attention, when we read the Bible it is not like reading a newspaper, we have to look for all the buried secrets there, and paying attention also includes having a praying heart to The Holy Spirit for help and guidance; John 14:26. Then we have to listen to the Word, Jesus, they are spirit and they make you come alive on the inside; John 6:63. They also open up the hearing capacity of your heart; “and what is heard comes by the [preaching of the] message” It is easier to see it in The King James Version; “and hearing by the word of God.” There you can see more clearly that the hearing comes by hearing the Word of God. Let me remind you of that the Word is not a word, it is a person and it is plural and has a name, Jesus.

According to

Now when faith has established your prayer according to the Word, God will answer all the time because He is good.


  1. Does watching TV affect our faith?
  2. Do books you read affect your faith?
  3. Do people who you listen to affect your faith?
  4. Is the world on your side?
  5. Who is running this world?
  6. How many real friends do we have?

ASV notes on Genesis 25:12-18 and questions

Ishmael beeing blessed


God blessed Ishmael being the son of Abraham, God promised both Abraham and Hagar that Ishmael their son should become a nation, and his descendants drifted east and populated the northern area of the Arabian Peninsula from Egypt to the Persian Gulf. They were in constant hostility towards his brethren, the Hebrews and the descendants of Abraham’s six sons with Keturah.

Credit card

The blessings come because of Jesus and his coming to earth, becoming man and dying for our sins. The effect of the sin in us is annulling the blessings. With Jesus the blessings is already there without you doing anything ells than receiving Him as your personal savior. This is what Abraham did by his Faith in God, giving him a credit card taking out the blessing of Jesus in advance, which also blessed Ishmael.  


  1. How do the blessings of God work?
  2. Does God bless our family?
  3. Do the blessings of God take us to heaven?

ASV notes on Genesis 25:1-11 and questions

Sarah dies, Keturah

8 sons

Abraham was 137 years when Sarah died and he lived another 38 years and became 175. After Sarah he married Keturah and had 6 children with her, altogether Abraham had 8 children, Ishmael with Hagar the Egyptian maid, Isaac, the son of promise with Sarah, and Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, and Shuah with Keturah. Some of the descendants of the sons of Keturah we will later hear about in the Bible.

Not best friends

Abraham knew that the promised people to inherit the land where he lived had to come through Isaac, so he blessed him with all that he had and his other sons he sent east with gifts, away from Isaac and all his flocks and herds. I don’t think Isaac and Ishmael were best friends, but when their father Abraham died at the age of 175 they met and buried him. Ishmael was then 89 and Isaak 75 and they probably found peace together in their grief.


Today also, when someone dies very often the family members find peace with each other when they meet at the funerals. When the life is over there is nothing more you can do or say to the dead person, however you can focus on those who are still alive and it seems like the forgiveness is there when someone is buried, and makes families stronger.  


When his father died Isaac had been married to Rebekah for 35 years, but when Isaac was 60 after 20 years with his wife she gave birth to Esau and Jacob, and the twins were 15 years when Abraham their grandfather died.  Isaac and Rebekah lived at Beer-lahai-roi south east of Kiriath-arba, they had no children for 20 years but their hopes were in YaHaWaH, the God that always fulfills His promises.


  1. How many children did Abraham have?
  2. Can you name the children of Keturah?
  3. Does God always keep His promises?   

ASV notes on Genesis 24:62-67 and questions

Isaac and Rebekah, when God is in it

Kiriath–arba and Beer-lahai-roi

Isaac was now in the huge camp of his father Abraham at Kiriath-arba, he had just returned from Beer-lahai-roi in Negev where he lived temporarily feeding his flocks and herds. It was evening the sun was setting and Isaac walked in the field to worship YaHaWaH, his God.


Isaac of course knew of Eliezer traveling to his family in the east to fetch a wife for him. Moreover, I believe he had high expectation in his waiting for Eliezer to return with his bride. Now in the cool of the evening he saw camels coming, he must have been excited and started to walk towards them.  

Perfect setting

I believed that Rebekah knew that they now were approaching where Abraham had his camp and on her camel, she must have felt the excitement when gazing into the mountain land ahead. From the top of a camel, you have a good view of the terrain in front, and there a man came towards them. I think she jumped down from the camel, she probably didn’t wait for the camel to kneel, she just jumped in excitement onto the ground and said to Eliezer; “Who is that man there walking across the field to meet us?” God had picked the perfect setting for two people to meet; they both had high expectations, excitement, with some uncertainty.

A young girl and the man that longed for her

Except Eliezer and his men, Rebekah and Isaac were alone, a young girl, may be 14 or 15 as the custom was when marrying, and the man Isaac, 40 who probably had been longing for God to give him a wife for many years. Finally, she was there on the mountain area of Kiriath-Arba, in the evening under the stars, and I believe the moon did shine too. 

He loves you

My advice to young men and young girls is to be patient, wait for God to pick the place and time, He knows both of you, and He knows all that surrounds you, what you have been through, good or bad. He is the God who heals you, and prepares you, He has all the information to set it up with perfection, He is the master and He loves you.

 A gift from God

Then Isaac took Rebekah into his mother’s tent and he loved her. The Hebrew word for love here is aheb; it means to love emotionally, but also to be a friend. Isaak loved Rebekah as a wife, but he also became a good friend to her, treating her with respect because he knew she was a gift from his awesome God. 


  1. Was Isaac a rich man?
  2. Why did not Isaac pick a wife himself?
  3. What should people do today to find a mate to marry?   

ASV notes on Genesis 24:55-61 and questions

Witnesses and blessings

Own ideas

Rebekah’s mother and her brother Laban had their own ideas and plans and said; “Let the girl stay with us a few days—at least ten; then she may go” why did they say that, we can only speculate, may be that they wanted Eliezer to give them more of the treasures they knew he had.

Power of Witnesses

However, some of the family or all the family were also present and Eliezer replied; “Do not delay me, since the LORD has prospered my way. Send me away, so that I may go back to my master”. Eliezer reminded them that this was the work of God, YAHAWAH, the God, which name they all, knew. In addition, all the family of Nahor and Milcah had witnessed that Bethuel and Laban had promised to send Rebekah with Eliezer to become the wife of Isaac the son of Abraham.

The power of the Spirit

Laban was crafty and smart and with his mother he played his last card, they said; “We will call the girl and ask her what she prefers.” So they called Rebekah and said, “Will you go with this man.”  However Eliezer, trusting in God made the Spirit of God again take over and the girl said; “I will go” the girl was given to Eliezer and they started loading the camels and gave Rebekah’s  maid to go with her. 


Then the family blessed Rebekah and said; “May you, our sister,
Become thousands of ten thousands,
And may your descendants possess The gate of those who hate them

Children is a resource, they are a blessing and abortion is not only killing babies, it kills the blessing too

The blessings at that time meant having many children that also could have many children, children was the same as wealth, but also security for the old people in the family. The environment was hostile and you needed soldiers as defense, all male family members were being trained to defend themselves, their family and their territory. Blessings were also to grow into a strong army, “to possess the gate of their enemies.” The same goes for today, strong families means many children that keep together in teaching, helping and defending those who are in need, being there for each other.


  1. Do you know what the Bible says about abortion?
  2. What made Rebekah go with Eliezer?
  3. Do many children lead to poverty?
  4. Who should pick your partner in life?  

ASV notes on Genesis 24:28-54 and questions

Eliezer, Rebekah and her family


Looks like Laban Rebekah’s brother was the leading person in the family, and when he saw the ring and the bracelets on his sister and heard the story about Eliezer seeking a bride for Isaak. Laban understood this was the finger of the LORD and on the camels, there were also material things of high value, quickly he prepared the house for the visitors and the stall for the camels and then he run to meet this person with all the treasures.

Things of value

Laban found Eliezer, his men and the camels at the spring; they didn’t follow Rebekah they waited in faith for “the LORD to invite them” and Laban came and did and they followed him and entered his house and met the family of Bethuel the son of Nahor and Milcah. Laban wanted to impress the visitors, he gave all the men water to wash their feet and when they recovered from the journey Laban unloaded all the ten camels, and I am sure he tried to discover all the things of value there.

First things first

When Eliezer had washed his feet and recovered, food was set in front of him. I am sure that Eliezer was hungry, but he was a faithful servant and his heart forced him to put his duty before the desire of his flesh, he said “I will not eat until I have stated my business” and Laban the “leader” said “Speak on”. Bethuel was present, but it seems, as Laban was the man in the house and together with his mother decided there. Then Eliezer told them who he was “I am Abraham’s servant”. Eliezer was proud of being the servant of Abraham, not because of Abraham but because of Abraham’s great God YaHaWaH; “The LORD has greatly blessed my master, and he has become great; He has given him flocks and herds, and silver and gold, and servants and maids, and camels and donkeys.” According to Eliezer, everything that Abraham had “The LORD” had given him.


“The LORD” here has been translated from the Hebrew word YHWH which is the name of God, “The LORD” is a title not a name, this translation in many Bibles is not bad, it is wrong. God wants a personal relationship with you, He is using your name when speaking to you, and you can use His name when speaking to Him.

Can lift you up

Then Eliezer told them the about Abraham, Sarah and Isaac and about his meeting with Rebekah. Eliezer had his faith in the God of Abraham, and told everything exactly as it was and happened. When you have your faith in God and not in people, you feel free to speak the truth, you don’t have to change stories, you don’t have to glorify yourself, you don’t have to talk people down, you don’t have to impress with lies, and God can lift you up when your faith is in Him.


Then after that, Eliezer had told the family of Nahor and Milcah that he wanted to take Rebekah with him as a wife for Isaac. He said; “So now if you are going to show kindness and truth to my master tell me; and if not, tell me, that I may turn to the right or to the left” Eliezer in his story had emphasized God as the source to all that had happened and that God had picked Rebekah as wife for Isaac. Moreover, those who heard the story from the mouth of Eliezer also knew God by the name YHWH, and when Bethuel and Laban agreed to Rebekah going with Eliezer the huge family of Nahor and Milcah were all witnesses.

The worship belongs to God

Bethuel and Laban, his son said; “The matter has come from the LORD; so we dare not speak bad or good. Rebekah is before you; take her and go, and let her be the wife of your master’s son, as the LORD has spoken.” The spirit of God was in the air and affected all in the house, and the family promised Rebekah to be the wife of Isaac and all the family were present and heard it. Eliezer could have showed appreciation for Bethuel and Laban, hugged them, and praised them, but again Eliezer bowed himself to the ground and worshipped YaHaWaH, the great God of Abraham.


Then it was time to show thankfulness to Rebekah and her family; “Then the servant brought out jewelry of silver, jewelry of gold, and articles of clothing, and gave them to Rebekah; he also gave precious things to her brother and her mother” Again it seems that Laban and his mother was the leading persons there.

The Spirit had left

Then finally it was time for food and rest: “Then he and the men who were with him ate and drank and spent the night. In the morning when they got up, Eliezer said, “Now send me back to my master” After a good night’s sleep Eliezer got up in the morning and the only thing on his mind was to fulfill the mission that Abraham gave him. He reminded Laban and his mother of their promise and asked them to send him back to his master. However, the power of the Spirit of God was not there like the day before.  


  1. How would you describe the faith of Eliezer?
  2. What does your heart look like?

ASV notes on Genesis 24:15-27 and questions


First then

The girls passed the test she fulfilled all 3 conditions, first then Eliezer asked what family she came from, and yes, she was the daughter of Bethuel the son of Milcah, (the daughter of Haran, Abraham’s late brother), and Nahor Abraham’s brother. “When the camels had finished drinking, Eliezer took a gold ring weighing a half-shekel and two bracelets for her hands weighing ten shekels in gold

Belonged to the bride

Eliezer took some of the gift meant for the coming bride, a ring and two bracelets of gold and put the ring in her nose and the bracelets on her arms. Eliezer had faith in God and did not consider the possibility of the girl saying no to mary Isaac, the golden rings belonged to the bride.

Where it came from

Eliezer had lived with Abraham for many years, and had learned were the blessings came from, the girl was pretty and nice to look at and she said we have enough room at home you can stay with us and we have food for the camels too. Eliezer could have thanked the girl and embraced her, but Eliezer didn’t focus on the girl, he knew where it all came from; he bowed down to the ground and worshipped YaHaWaH, Eliezer also knew the name of the God of Abraham.

Spoken words, the servants and Rebekah heard it

He said; “Blessed be YaHaWaH, the God of my master Abraham, who has not denied His lovingkindness and His truth to my master. As for me, YaHaWaH led me to the house of my master’s brothers.”


  1. Are you blessed?
  2. Does the blessing come from people?
  3. Are you unlucky, lucky or blessed?

Eliezer Abraham’s servant arrives at Haran the city where Nahor, the brother of Abraham lived with his family. From Genesis 24:10-14 commented by ASV and questions

Long journey and ten camels

This was a long journey and Eliezer needed ten camels to carry all the things for the travel and for all the gifts to give the chosen bride. Eliezer and his servants after a long travel, probably months arrived outside the city where Nahor, the brother of Abraham, and his family lived.


Eliezer had learned from the life with his master Abraham not to trust any man. Eliezer could have inquired about Nahor and his family, but instead he asked God for help;


And he said, “O Lord, God of my master Abraham, please grant me success today, and show lovingkindness to my master Abraham.Behold, I stand here at the spring of water, and the daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw water; now let it be that the girl to whom I say, ‘Please, let down your jar so that I may drink,’ and she replies, ‘Drink, and I will also give your camels water to drink’—may she be the one whom You have selected for Your servant Isaac; and by this I will know that You have shown lovingkindness to my master.”

The answer

Eliezer believed that God already had piqued the girl for Isaac; the problem was how to find her and be assured it was the right girl. In the prayer of Eliezer the girl selected had to meet three conditions; 1 she had to be among those girls fetching water the first time Eliezer was present at the well. 2 When Eliezer asks for water, she let him drink from her jar. 3 And she also had to say, “I will also give your camels water to drink” It was actually no need for her to do that, they had 10 camels and probably 3 or 4 servants that could water the camels, but if she was the one, she should offer to do it.  God is not slow to answer, could be things that hinder the answer to come, but God’s answers are immediate, before Eliezer had finished talking to God; the answer was in front of him.


  1. Are God’s answers always the easy way?
  2. Can you trust men?

ASV notes on Genesis 24:1-9 and questions

The only way


At this time, Abraham was 140 and Isaac 40, and Abraham thought that it was time for his son to marry. Three years had passed since the death of his mother Sarah, but he was still grieving for her, may be Abraham thought that a wife would help Isaac to get his mind off the death of his mother.


Abraham had a faithful and clever servant, Eliezer from Damascus, who he made swear that he would go and fetch a wife for Isaac from Abraham’s family in the Haran area in the north part of Mesopotamia. Eliezer had been a good and faithful servant, however, Abraham didn’t have his faith in his servant and he said. The LORD, the God of heaven, who took me from my father’s house, from the land of my family and my birth, who spoke to me and swore to me, saying, ‘To your descendants I will give this land’—He will send His angel before you and you will take a wife from there for my son


Abraham trusted in his God, but he didn’t just wait for things to happen, he made all the necessary preparation, like having the servant Eliezer swear to not take the easy way and pick a wife for Isaac among the daughters of Canaan. Eliezer had to travel all the way to Mesopotamia and look for a wife among the family of Abraham. Abraham did “set his hand to” the task and then God could bless the work of Eliezer seeking a wife for Isaac.

On the sofa

The same goes for you today, if in Jesus God blesses all the things you “set your hand to”, but “on the sofa” there is no blessings to be found.


  1. How do the blessings work?
  2. Can we trust in humans?