Jacob’s dream, the gateway to heaven, from Genesis 28:1-17 commented by ASV and questions

Mentally and spiritually, open

Jacob met God in a dream when he was on his own away from his love ones and all the security he had in the camp of his family. On his own, he was mentally and spiritually open and God gave Jacob all the words he needed to keep his faith alive, in spite of circumstances. He had the revelation that YHWH was there with him, the same God, who his grandfather and father had worshiped and believed in.

This worrier God

Jacob was in chock and fear, he knew this God as awesome, but also terrible, He killed all the people in the Jordan valley with fire and brimstone, He destroyed the four kings and their soldiers from the east, this worrier God was now here all around him, Jacob was attentive and remembered the dream in all its details.


This strong and mighty God promised him the land he spent the night in, He promised to look after not only him and his family but also all of his descendants, and to bless the whole world through him. YHWH told him that he was the one to carry the “gateway” to the world, not Esau; God piqued him from his birth to fulfill all the promises given from this mighty and invincible God.

The gateway to heaven

Jacob in his fear said, may be he shouted; “how fearful and awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gateway to heaven.” Jacob talked about himself and his seed Jesus. Jacob did not see this awesome truth but understood the importance of God’s promises and called it the gateway to heaven.

Several gods

Jacob said, “Without any doubt the LORD is in this place, and I did not realize it.” It might be that Jacob believed there were several gods, however, the one that gave him this dream was the God of his father and his name was YaHaWaH, and Jacob was 100% sure of it.

“Walk on Water”

This is wat happens when we meat God by his words, there and then we can “walk on water” we cannot explain everything if someone asks, we just know that we know. Later our conviction might fade in the course of time, and then we need to find the will of God for our life, which will refill us with the Spirit.


  1. Did Jacob meet the same God that you know?
  2. Is God a soldier?
  3. Is God love?

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