Isaac moves to Beer Sheba, Abimelech, Ahuzzath and Phicol visited him, Esau and his Hittite wives. Taken from Genesis 26:26-35, AMP and commented by ASV and questions

Just water and supply for the flocks and herds

All the philistine herdsmen were hostile to Isaac’s herdsmen; there was a constant quarreling about water resulting in that Isaac moved his huge camp to Beer Sheba. Isaac like his father had many well-trained soldiers in his camp and was a threat to the people in Gerar if they had made him their enemy. Isaac was a man of peace; his interest was mainly water for all his flocks and herds.

By His name

However, Abimelech saw Isaac as a possible threat, not only because of his soldiers but mainly they were afraid of his awesome God. Now they came to Isaac, Abimelech, his adviser, Ahuzzath and the leader of his army, Phicol. They said, “We see clearly that the LORD has been with you” God’s blessing of Isaac was so obvious that everyone could see it. In addition, what is notable here is that Abimelech called God by his name; YaHaWaH.

“Friends of Isaac”

People in Gerar as in the rest of Canaan had many gods and rites they believed in and one of the gods was the God of Abraham. What they had experienced with Isaac and his father was that YaHaWaH was more powerful than the other gods they knew and all knew the God of Abraham by His name. What they now came to do was to make a covenant, with not only Isaac but to show his powerful and great God, YaHaWaH that they were friendly to Isaac.


Isaac treated his “enemies” with respect and they had food and drink in abundance and swore together not to harm each other, Then Abimelech and his men left in the morning and I think that as a result of Isaac’s good behavior, his herdsmen found water and Isaac called the well, Shibah, which became the name, Beer Sheba.

Esau and his wives

Isaac and Rebekah’s sons were now 40 years of age and Esau took two wives for himself, Judith the daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and Basemath the daughter of Elon the Hittite. I think he married them against the will of his parents, they were against it, mainly because of all the false gods, and their rituals they brought with them, and they were a source of grief to Isaac and Rebekah.


  1. How should we treat our enemies?
  2. Why does God love you?
  3. How old was Isaac when his sons were 40? 

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