Isaac moved from Gerar to Beer Sheba, taken from Genesis 26:23-25, AMP, commented by ASV, and questions

God wanted all to know his goodness and ability

Isaac went west to Gerar and God told him to stay there and not follow the crowd down to Egypt. Why did God advise Isaac to stay in the land of Gerar, it is not difficult to understand, it is because God is good and wanted to bless Isaac with all the fields that the philistines left for Isaac to saw in. In addition, He wanted to show His goodness and ability to Isaac and the rest of the world.

Do we understand?

When people came back, from Egypt, they needed bread, Isaac had corn, and he could set the price, God made Isaac extremely rich. Isaac and his family understood that YaHaWaH is a God of abundance, but the surrounding world also saw it. However, do we understand that God is the same today, that He has not changed and never will?

The world is evil, but God is good

In the world today, lots of bad things are happening, pure evilness, terror, and one catastrophe after another, the world is floating in the ever-increasing river of immoral, selfishness, unfairness with few having much and many having little or nothing. The world is set on fire and it will not stop before the Messiah comes. God is not in this evil fire, this is not His work. The world is burning, however God gave you an escape route, and it is heavenly magic. You can save yourself by it, wherever you are and when you want, the recipe is in the Book, for instance in Romans 10:9-13. The world is evil, however God is good.      

Moved away from trouble

Now the famine was over and Isaac moved to Beer Sheba a fertile place further east and south, a place with lots water. Isaac in Gerar was in the middle of hostility, he didn’t feel safe there, he knew that the philistines envied Him however, being a man of peace he moved away.

For the sake of My servant Abraham

God knew how Isaac felt and now was the time to comfort him. On the first night in Beer Sheba YaHaWaH appeared to Isaac;

I am the God of Abraham your father;
Do not be afraid, for I am with you.
I will bless and favor you, and multiply your descendants,
For the sake of My servant Abraham.”

It is up to you

God told Isaac that He was the God of his father, by that He assured Isaac that how God had helped Abraham He would continue to help Isaac and his descendants, multiply them and bless them. Then he said that He would bless and favor Isaac. God is a fair God, but He favors His people. Through Jesus, all can become God’s people, and if you are among them, He treats you differently from the World around you.

Good and mighty

Isaac understood and was comforted and felt secure and good, there he loved God and built and alter to worship and testify that his God is good and mighty. Where God met him he wanted to stay, he also found water there.

The city of chess

Today Beer Sheba is a beautiful multicultural city with about 200,000 inhabitants; the place is called the city of chess because of all its grandmasters there. God in the disobedience of the Hebrews spread them all over the world, but now the fugitives are a blessing to Israel when they return. For instance, the Russian Jews brought the chess to Israel, and most of them settled in Beer Sheba.


  1. Do you understand God’s goodness?
  2. Did Abraham or Isaac earn God’s goodness?
  3. Is God with you?

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