In times of drought, Isaac planted and reaped hundred times, Taken from Genesis 26:12-17 and commented by ASV, also questions

Wealth and prominence

All the farmers had probably left their land for Egypt and the fields were there for Isaac to put seed in, and Isaac did; “Then Isaac planted in that land and reaped in the same year a hundred times and the Lord blessed and favored him”. In this time of famine people needed bread to survive, and Isaac had lots of grain and he could decide the price and became extremely wealthy and prominent.


Isaac had enormous flocks and herds, which occupied the area around Gerar city and consumed lots of water and the philistines didn’t like it, they also had animals and needed water. Therefore, the king Abimelech asked Isaak to leave the area. In everything Isaac did you can sense that He was a man of peace, and when asked to leave he just left and moved down to the valley of Gerar and stayed there. Earlier Isaac’s father Abraham also dug many wells in the area; however, the philistines had filled them with dirt. The enmity with the philistines was there from the time of Abraham when Isaac came.   


  • Do we need advices when we decide what to choose?
  • Should we seek peace, when opposed or attacked?
  • How should we face injustice?

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