Esau gives away his birthrights for a lentil stew. From Genesis 25:27-34 commented by ASV and questions

The flesh

Esau was a hunter an outdoor man, he lived most of his life in the nature, on mountains, by rivers and lakes and of course he looked fresh and healthy and he steady brought meat for the family. Isaac his father loved what he saw and enjoyed tasting the meat from the wilderness. Isaak lived by his flesh and favored Esau before Jacob.

Stronger than the other

With Rebekah it was different, she remembered what YaHaWaH told her when she was pregnant; two nations are in your womb; and the separation of two nations has begun in your body; The one people shall be stronger than the other; And the older shall serve the younger.” Rebekah had her faith in what her father in law had told her about becoming a nation and nations. She mixed Abraham’s word together with what God told her, and knew that through Jacob God would fulfill His promises and she loved Jacob.

The war

When Rebekah was pregnant it was a war in her womb, when the twins grew up it was a “war” between them in the sense that Jacob was struggling to gain the rights of Esau as the first born, because he knew from his mother that it belonged to him. In addition, later when the descendants of Esau and Jacob had formed nations, the war continued.

God saw and heard it

And one day Jacob saw his opportunity when he was making lentil stew and Esau came back from hunting completely exhausted and the fragrance of the lentil stew hit his nose and he asked Jacob for some of it. Esau was Jacobs only brother and normally a brother would help his hungry brother without any conditions. But Jacob and Esau was two different nations and there was a spiritual war between them, and Jacob grabbed this moment and had his brother swear that he had given over to Jacob his birthrights. May be Esau thought that it was only a word between his brother and him, no witnesses, however, he forgot about God who heard and saw all that were going on when Esau served his flesh and Jacob served the word of God given to him by his mother. 


  1. Do spoken words matter?
  2. How do we recognize our flesh?
  3. Does God notice absolute everything?

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