Isaac and Rebekah, the faith and the Word. From Genesis 25:19-26 commented by ASV and questions

60 and 160 and about 35

It seemed that Rebekah or Isaac was unable to have children, and I am sure that they discussed this with Abraham the father of Isaac and He most likely told them that God would fulfill his promises about Abraham becoming great nations in its due time. However, it took 20 years for Isaac to understand where to turn to for having children. Isaac prayed to YaHaWaH believing in God’s promises and Rebekah got pregnant, Isaac being 60 and Abraham 160 and Rebekah could be about 35.

What does, the faith comes of?

Why did Isaac believe in God’s promises, the only reason is because of all the words he constantly heard from the mouth of his mother and father, they told him day by day about all that YaHaWaH had done for them and why his name was laughter, Isaac. Now he prayed in faith and God answered immediately. 


Why do we have to pray to God about all the promises in his word? He has promised so why can’t He just do it. It is again, this word faith, is which everything pivots around whether we like it or not. In Hebrews, 11:1 we can dig for the treasures buried there. Now faith is the assurance (title deed, confirmation) of things hoped for (divinely guaranteed), and the evidence of things not seen [the conviction of their reality—faith comprehends as fact what cannot be experienced by the physical senses].”

Not blame, and the foundation

First, faith is assurance of things hoped for, “things hoped for” is all the promises in the Bible, however, before that you have to establish the foundation, namely that all the words in the Bible are from God, every single one of them. You cannot blame the translations, because you can always go to the Interlinear Bible and look at the Hebrew text in The Old Testament and Greek in The New Testament. First then, when you have decided in your heart that the words in the Bible are from God, then you can start digging for the true treasures buried in the Word.

That is not faith

Back to faith in Hebrews 11:1;  Assurance is what happens in your heart, not in your brain, it is influenced of what you daily are thinking about, but for the assurance to be established in your heart it takes time, the longest distance you ever “walk” in your life is from your brain down to your heart. “And evidence of things not seen” it doesn’t say things that are not, no those things not seen are in a perfect shape and in a perfect world, not like this imperfect world that we can see. Our problem is that we cannot sense them, not see them, not touch them and we don’t like that, we want to confirm it by our senses, but that is not faith.

From hearing

Our hopes are reality, but we cannot see them. Now you know what faith is, the problem is how to obtain it. To dig further we need more scriptures, Romans 10:16-17; But they did not all pay attention to the good news [of salvation]; for Isaiah says,Lord, who has believed our report?  So faith comes from hearing [what is told], and what is heard comes by the message concerning Christ.”

A person

Again there are different steps to take, first we need to pay attention, when we read the Bible it is not like reading a newspaper, we have to look for all the buried secrets there, and paying attention also includes having a praying heart to The Holy Spirit for help and guidance; John 14:26. Then we have to listen to the Word, Jesus, they are spirit and they make you come alive on the inside; John 6:63. They also open up the hearing capacity of your heart; “and what is heard comes by the [preaching of the] message” It is easier to see it in The King James Version; “and hearing by the word of God.” There you can see more clearly that the hearing comes by hearing the Word of God. Let me remind you of that the Word is not a word, it is a person and it is plural and has a name, Jesus.

According to

Now when faith has established your prayer according to the Word, God will answer all the time because He is good.


  1. Does watching TV affect our faith?
  2. Do books you read affect your faith?
  3. Do people who you listen to affect your faith?
  4. Is the world on your side?
  5. Who is running this world?
  6. How many real friends do we have?

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