Abraham gave his son Isaac, God is responding by giving His son. From Genesis 22:11-14 commented by ASV and questions

שלום חברי


The obedience of Abraham testified that he feared his God. Abraham loved his God, but in this love is also fear, not trembling fear, but a kind of great respect that God always wants the best for his children, Abraham and his descendants. Abraham’s faith was important to God.

Love is to give

Abraham had given God the most precious he had on this earth, God wants us to love Him with the best we have. Then God loved Abraham back, because Abraham gave his son Isaac, God is responding by giving His son for the descendants of Abraham, the Hebrews and then the whole world.

To overcome

To kill Isaac wouldn’t have helped anybody, but sacrificing the Son of God would give the entire world a way to “life” on earth and a life forever with God in heaven. Jesus died for the sin in us to give us a new spirit to overcome the sin in our life.


  1. Where is the sin located?
  2. How does the faith in God come by?

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