King Abimelech takes Sarah into his harem. God warns Abimelech and he gives Sarah back to Abraham. From Genesis 20:14-18 commented by ASV and questions

To court

Abimelech the king did not touch Sarah, Abraham’s wife, but in his heart he did and was guilty, even if Sarah had been Abraham’s sister and not his wife, Abimelech had no right to take her into his harem against her will. God took Abimelech and his entire household to court, and they were judged to death if the king didn’t make it right and compensated for mistreating Sarah.

Even richer

As a warning to the king, God closed the wombs of all women in the kings household, no women there got pregnant anymore. This was serious, and the king got the message and made Abraham even richer then he already was.

Cattle and slaves

The king payed Abraham a thousand silver coins to honor that Sarah was Abraham’s wife and therefore to be respected and not touched by anyone. The king also gave Abraham more cattle and male and female slaves and he gave Abraham the right to settle and let his animals feed anywhere in the king’s country.

Prayer power

Then Abraham prayed to God for the king and his household and God healed him and his wives and his maids, and they once again could give birth to children. Abraham was the prophet of God and he had the prayer power that “moved God”. This is the way it works even today; through God’s word, Jesus, in our heart we got the power of prayer, even for people that don’t know God.


  1. Why does God defend and protect you?
  2. Does God always answer prayers?

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