Two men from God visit Lot at Sodom, A cowd sorrounds Lot’s house. From Genesis 19:4-10 commented by ASV and questions

Soldiers under command

The two men didn’t tell Lot what they were about to do, they waited to see what was going to happen, to see if the outcry of Sodom and Gomorrah was indeed great, and their sin was exceedingly grave as God had said, now these two men from God wanted to see it and report to God, they were soldiers under command. 

Handsome and tempting

Then many from the sinful city of Sodom surrounded Lot’s house and tried to break in, to have sex with the two men and probably kill them. The men of Sodom were governed by their senses completely, they were in the hands of the devil; they wanted to have their will with the two men that probably looked hansom and tempting to the sinful crowd.

Value of women, and action

Lot offered them his daughters, they would probably have killed them too, and this shows us the value of the women at the time of Lot and Abraham. Now the men had seen enough, now God knew that what the outcry from Sodom had told Him was true, the moment for action had come. They grabbed Lot and blinded the crowd.  


  1. Do angles have free will?
  2. How were women valued by the times of Abraham?
  3. What were the sins of Sodom?

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