His daughters have a child each, with Lot their father. From Genesis 19:30-38 commented by ASV and questions

How to make wrong decisions

Sad situation

Lot finally went up to stay in the mountain area where he should have gone in the first place. He was afraid to stay in Zoar, likely because of the threatening behavior of the people there. Lot chose the easy way, staying in a nice house to live a city life, now he had lost his wife and was living in a cave with his daughters on a mountain, fearing for his life.

No inner restrain

His daughters saw no future in the mountain having lost both their promised husbands, and almost every male in the area were dead. They could have been patient and expected God to find them mates, but again the quick and easy way, their own father. How could they do it? They had no shame, no inner restrain; most certainly affected by their life in the cities.

More trouble to come

They both had child with their father, and two people were born; the Moabites and the Ammonites, two people that were to cause a lot of trouble for Abraham’s descendants, the Hebrews, in the future.   


  1. How can we make good decisions?
  2. Where does it end if you follow your senses and feelings?

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