ASV notes on Genesis 18:7-8 and questions


God loves all people

The best he had

Abraham brought to the three men the best he had, a tender calf, new made bread, milk and butter and he stood by them when they ate, may be they wanted more or something else, but most importantly, may be they had a message for him. Abraham offered to God of the best he had, like building an Alter and offer on it. If you give, give of the best you have, not left overs.


Remember, you can never out give God. If you give to someone in need, you give to God, and you will always receive. God is a giver and giving is love, “for God so loved the world that He gave …………………….” Love is not how you feel, love is giving.


  1. Do you offer the best you have?
  2. What is love?

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