ASV notes on Genesis 18:9-15 and questions

God wants the best for you

Chocking news

Abraham hoped for a message, and yes when enjoying the meal the one that represented God had chocking news, one of the men promised Sarah a child next year when YAHAWAH would visit them again. Behind the tent-door, Sarah heard it and laughed within herself. Sarah believed God, but the news seemed so unrealistic, fantastic, ridiculous and funny at the same time and she laughed.

Cannot fool Him

God heard Sarah’s silent laugh from her heart, in Jesus God is with you too, He hears every sigh, everything you utter, you can say many things to convince God, but God knows what is in your heart, He loves you, but you cannot fool Him. God asked Abraham why Sarah laughed, Sarah denied it, but God confirmed it.

But in Jesus

God knows we are flesh, He doesn’t want us to be perfect in our flesh, but in Jesus, Jesus was and is perfect. God wants us to be honest in our weakness and follow Jesus. God asked Abraham and Sarah this question; Is anything too difficult or too wonderful for the [f]LORD? We believe that God could do anything for others, but not for us, but in Jesus God can, but it works by the laws of God, we need faith and faith comes by hearing, hearing the words of God.


  1. Does God know our thoughts?
  2. Do you need Jesus in your everyday life?
  3. What makes faith?

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