The three men had a nice meal under one of the great oak trees of Mamre. from Genesis 18:16-19 commented by ASV and questions

The time of visitation

The three men had a nice meal under one of the great oak threes of Mamre, and were ready to walk on, to descend down towards the valley of Jordan, towards the cities down there. Abraham walked with them, as we should do when visitors are leaving, to have some final words. When they walked together toward the east, God considered if He should reveal to Abraham what He was about to do in the city area of the Jordan valley.

To know is to love

What God prophesied concerning Abraham was to be fulfilled, and through him, all the nations would be blessed because God knew Abraham. This is the key to a relationship with God, He needs to know you, He wants to love you, understand you, weep with you, cry with you, be happy with you, suffer with you, overcome with you, struggle with you, and be your pillar in your everyday life. To know is the love story (John: 17:3) between God and His creation; they were created for His pleasure (Revelation: 4:11 KJV).

The parents need to do it

The life with God in Jesus is not without conditions, we need to follow His plans written in the Bible. God did know Abraham, God had planted his words in Abraham’s heart for him and his wife Sarah to teach their children to keep the way of YaHaWaH by doing what is righteous and just. We cannot rely on the education system to teach our children the way of God, the father and mother need to do it, in God’s plan the family is the centre of influence. God knew Abraham and that made him able to bring God’s ways to his household after him.


  1. How important is the word from God to you?
  2. Did Abraham do everything right?
  3. Is your life with God, conditional?

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