ASV notes on Genesis 16:6-11

Sarah was the wife of Abraham and still the mistress in her house and Abraham allowed Sarah to threat Hagar as she wanted. Sarah was rough towards her  maid and Hagar fled into the dessert. It was not the will of God that Hagar should have a child with Abraham, but God is a fair God and sent an angel to comfort her in her escape into the dessert.

Abraham accepted that Sarah was hard with Hagar, but God didn’t like it and the angel comforted her, telling her about the future, about her son Ishmael and said; “Because the Lord has heard and paid attention to your persecution” and Hagar went back to her mistress in assurance that God was looking after her too.

God is watching you also, He knows what you’re going through and He would love to help you, but he needs to connect to your heart. God is spirit and you are flesh, there is no direct line between spirit and flesh. You need to install a spiritual internet into your heart to receive from God. And that “internet” is Jesus; it works 24/7 and is free.

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