ASV notes on Genesis 15:9-21 and questions to consider

שלום חברי

God wanted to make a covenant between Him and Abraham and used a well-known ritual and had Abraham bring Him animals and birds to fulfill it. Abraham knew the rite well and prepared everything like God wanted it.

When the sun setting fire started to consume the meat and God took Abraham on a journey in his sleep. God told about the terrible times for his descendants in Egypt and Abraham lived through the dark and gloomy years there. Then darkness lifted when God told about the release from the slavery and also the giving of the Promised Land to the fourth generation from Abraham.

We know the size of the land Israel of today, it is a tiny land compared to the land God promised Abraham, this was a huge land, from the Nile in Egypt to the river Euphrates in the today Iraq, and that promise still stands.

God is a fair God; He was fair to Abraham but also to the people that lived in Canaan, the Amorites. The conquering of the land promised to the descendants of Abraham had to wait till wickedness and guilt of the Amorites was complete. At that time ten tribes lived in the land of Canaan, represented here by the Amorites.

God also promised Abraham a long life and a peaceful end, he had lived with God for a long time now, and knew that God’s word was the truth; he had experienced it and believed that God was able to see His word through. Because of the faith in God, Abraham could pass everything God told him to his descendants with conviction.

Abraham had faith in God based on his life with Him for many years now, with us it is not the same way, we don’t need that much time and experience. When we give our life to Jesus the faith takes place in our new spirit, from there it can move into our soul and grow to be the faith of Jesus, not in Jesus but of Jesus. If Jesus being in us we have “the faith of God”

Questions to consider

  1. Why does God make covenants with people?
  2. What is “the size” of the land Israel?
  3. How does God treat “bad people”?
  4. What kind of faith do we need?

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