Abraham and Lot separate. From Genesis 13:8-13 commented by ASV and questions

שלום חברי

Strife and quarrel

Abraham and Lot had a huge amount of animals, camels, donkeys, sheep, goats, and cattle and in addition, the Canaanite and the Perizzite lived in the land with their flocks also. Up in this mountain area, there were not enough food and water for all the animals grazing there, resulting in strife and quarrel.

I don’t believe my eyes

Abraham had the peace of God inside and said to Lot that they could stop the strife by separating; he said that Lot could choose where to go. They were on a Mountain and had a great view over this part of the land and over the Jordan valley. Lot looked, saw the well-watered valley of Jordan, and chose to go east. Abraham stayed inland and had faith in God providing for him. Abraham believed in what he didn’t see, however, Lot believed in what he saw. Sometime when people see things or what had happened they say, “I don’t believe my eyes” Well I tell you, you shouldn’t believe your eyes.

Stop and start

When Lot went with Abraham, he floated on the blessings of his uncle, but now suddenly he was on his own and had to take his own decisions, the Spirit of God no longer influenced his thinking and ideas. The wrong or the right things we do start with how we think. That is why, when we start our walk with Jesus we have to repent; stop thinking like the world and start thinking like God.

Be careful

Abraham settled in Canaan among small towns, but Lot settled in cities where the people were extremely sinful and depraved, the devil and his demons controlled their thinking completely. We have to be careful about where we live and among whom we mingle.

Questions to consider

  1. How did Lot choose were to move his camp?
  2. How did Abraham decide where to go?
  3. What is it that initiate what we do?


  1. Sir one thing I noticed in life people that are greedy they like and rush to take first ,that is why if the Almighty GOD is in your side he always gives you the best one amen.


  2. Good morning sir if you have the spirit of the most high in you also the knowledge of our LORD Jesus Christ everything shall be well with you amen.


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