Because of a famine Abraham and Lot went to Egypt for food. From Genesis 12:10-13 commented by ASV and questions

שלום חברי

Set your hand to something

Now there was a famine and all the animals that Abraham and Lot had needed food. Abraham didn’t complain to God, he just went on towards Egypt where he heard there were enough of green grass, herbs, and fruit. God blesses what you set your hand to. God blesses, but you have to set your hand to something that He can bless.

Still pretty

When they were about to enter Egypt, Abraham feared for his life because of the beauty of Sarah his wife. He said to Sarah; please tell them that you are my sister. This was not a friendly asking; this was more like an order, even though he said please. Sarah was 65, but still pretty and desirable.

Not perfect

Abraham was not perfect, he told Sarah to lie, well Sarah was Abraham’s half-sister, but by saying that she was his sister, she expressed that she was not Abraham’s wife. Abraham would sacrifice Sarah to become a kind of sex slave in Pharaohs’ harem.

Questions to consider

  1. Did Abraham lie?
  2. Why do we have to set our hand to something?
  3. Was Abraham perfect?


  1. Good morning sir I like to talk about there age in their time those days they immortal spirit is still very active upon them .you can see in Genesis 5 the descendants of Adam about there age .I think Abraham was the one that has the maximore before their age,years started cante down my example you see the years that the most high LORD GOD almighty(YAHAWAH)give Abraham a son Isaac,my father that give birth to me the time he give birth to me he age was 78 years and almost 3 child still follow me he die at the age of 103 years.


    • Hey Chris, was your father in good shape when you were born? and how old was your mother when you were born? By the way when Sarah died Abraham was 137 and maried another woman and had 6 more children. Good to hear from you, have a nice day and greet the family.


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