God tels Noah and his sons to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. From Genesis 11:1-4 commented by ASV and questions

שלום חברי

רוח הקודש

God’s order

In Genesis 9:1, God gave Shem, Ham, and Japheth this order; “And God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.” God said, fill the earth. However, here in these verses, we can see that they did n’t listen to God; they desired to stay in one big city. 

The power of a crowd

They started to build this city and aimed to make it as high as they possibly could. What was the reason for that? They wanted it to be a high tower to be seen from everywhere. They wanted to find their way back to the city when feeding their flocks far away, they wanted to stay together. The crowd decided some came up with this idea and the rest followed.

Closeness to nature

If a crowd agrees and comes up with a conclusion, it doesn’t have to be right because they are many.  People today also move into cities and live in small apartments.  They, little by little lose their closeness to the nature that testifies about God.


  1. Is the earth big enough?
  2. Can we rely on the Words that God spoke?


  1. Good morning my Apostle you made a clear point in Genesis 11:1-3 in asvnotes by using the Genesis 9:1 to me is a very good understandable .That is why has a child of the most high (YAHAWAH) we need the holy spirit to hear from the most high and also understand his voice clear so that devil will not confused us not to get the real understanding amen.


  2. Good afternoon sir I greet you and your family, in Asv notes Genesis 11:4 I like to talk about the crowd dissection .As a believer a child of the most high (YAHAWAH) you will always seek from the most high with the help of the power of the Holy ghost that is in you to lead you to best
    understanding,wisdom and knowledge to be leading you true in everything you are doing (John 14:16 the role of the spirit in us as a believer AMF)amen .


  3. Asv notes on Genesis 11:6-7 ,about our language ? To me I will said yes because the most high know the best thing that will be okay in our life in our living in us he is the alpha and omega (rev 1:8;isa 9:6) amen.


  4. Good morning sir I greet you and your family this morning, ASV notes on Genesis 11: 1-4; first of all his our mind’s and our spirit, it’s like the flesh against the spirit that is why the most high our heaven father is more than us he see the physical realm and the spiritual realm. That is why as his savant you have to seek him first in every thing you do, not to make a mistake amen.


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