God confuses the laguage and dispersed the people over the surface of the earth. From Genesis 11:8-9 commented by ASV and question

They finally did what God told them

God confuses the language, the people could not understand one-another and it coused trouble, if you do not understand one-another you cannot live together, and people left Babel to search for their own country somewhere on the earth, they did what God told them, they filled the earth.

Schools for all

To understand when some-one talks to you, or to be understood when talking or writhing makes you and people around you live in peace togehter. We need education for all or we are back in Babel causing wars and unstability

A crime against God

The most important of all things with the understanding of words is the access to God through the Bible. To lead a people without schools for all, is a crime against God’s intention of creating man.

A new beginning

By giving people different languages He spread them and gave them a chance to fulfil His order for them, to fill the earth. From this not finished city of Babel in the middle of the huge plain of Shinar all the people that lived on earth was spread to start their journeys to find their land. The flat area of Shinar is between the two rivers, Euphrates and Tigris. From this place all the people that lived at that time were spread to cover the earth.


  1. From where did God spread all the people living on earth?
  2. Do we need education?
  3. What causes wars?


  1. Good morning my Apostle I greet you and your family ,in Asv notes Genesis 11:8-9 first I will like to enter true (Prov 3:5-7 )The most high he is the maker the creator of the heaven and the earth he know the beginning and the end .he knows the best and perfect plan for us to follow.


  2. The most high LORD GOD ALMIGHTY have to give us different language ,because they were one nuified people at that time and they all have the same language (Genesis 11:6 ) and he also scattered them into separate groups so that any where they will be they will start functioning amen.


  3. Good morning sir I greet you and your family, in Asv notes on Genesis 11:8-9 school education it is very important to us to be educated and also your children too , for them to have a butter future ahead in t here life . His like giving them a master key to there life, I believe this is what our most high LORD GOD is doing to confuse their language and also scattered them for them to start multiply and filling the earth amen.


  4. In Asv notes on Genesis 11:10-11,the Descendants of shem the son of Noah the second son he generations lead to Abraham . When you study the Holy bible about generations you we see this particular generations to follow .


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