At Babel all spoke the same language. From Genesis 11:6-7 commented by ASV and questions

שלום חברי

The language

God said that they are one people, what was it that unified them? Yes, the language, they spoke the same words, they could understand each other. Is this good or bad, if God is the leader it is good, but the crowd will always try to find smart leaders that convince people, leaders they could trust and listen to.

The broad highway

This makes many stop thinking on their own and follow the few. This is what’s going on today, big unions having big meetings with automatic translation. Today the cities are growing bigger and the unions stronger and they fight for a good life without the true God, they are looking for the broad highway leading to disaster. The people have not changed, they still want Babel, they desire to be unified a one global people, they are building the tower of Bable over again, to be seen and admired from everywere. Do not travel that broad and busy highway, look for the strait gate and find the narrow path, it leads you to Jesus


  1. What unifies people?
  2. What are the dangers we face when the cities grow bigger?


  1. Good morning sir mr asv my comm in Gen 11:6-7 about the most hight (Yahawah) to be our leader to me is the best one father son and the holy ghost .for we ,we all human are under the flesh .


    • We don’t have to be under the flesh, under the 5 senses, in the words of God we are in the spiritual, John 6:63, by faith, the spirit takes over in reading and studying what Jesus said, by being in Jesus we can crusify our flesh and denying the sin to develop.


  2. Sir iam still talking about the leader in us he will be very hard for us because we all I mean all humans have lost our immortal spirit in us (AMP H B in Gen 2:17 in the foot note).


      • Good morning sir asv I will like to talk about this chapter 2 Corinthians 5:17 in the church to day many Christians or believers .they can read the verse perfectly but the main thing in the verse they are not seeing it happening in there ? I believe we need the power of the holy ghost to understand verse to see the new things is happening in there life.


      • Yes Chris, we need The Holy Spirit, All has become new referrers to what is happening when we receive Jesus as Lord, then our old spirit leaves and the spirit of Jesus enters in and becomes our spirit. But in the physical nothing is happening, you are the same, fat or slim, you think in the same way, actually it seems that nothing has changed.
        But it has, in our new spirit is the Bible buried, the Word Jesus is there in your spirit waiting for you to unwrap it. How do you do it? When you study the Words of Jesus, the Bible the word from your spirit is empowered by The Holy Spirit and turns alive in your brain, it makes you on fire, the words of Jesus is truth and life, by your new spirit the words is growing and living in you by itself.


  3. Good morning sir I greet you and your family ,there desired. they wanted to also fulfill the blessing that the most high (YAHAWAH) has given to there father Noah and them (Genesis 9:1) I think that was the plan that was in there mind first amen .they wanted to start to build a city and also the highest tower that will reach heaven .that is why they said to there self “come let us “.


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