ASV mark on Genesis 7:11-12,15-16,24 and questions

The beginning of the flood

It burst open

How can we understand this; “All the fountains of the great deep burst open”. It could be that in the center of the earth there was a huge amount of water, called the great deep and God made it burst open for it to flood out, it says that it burst open, that could mean that the water that streamed out is no longer there.

Infinite amount of water

And then we have; “The windows and floodgates of the heavens were opened” The water above those windows and floodgates could be in the heavens outside the universe, above the firmament and it seems that God opened those windows and gates for the water to flood down like heavy, heavy rain. Then after 40 days, He closed them and it could be that in this “room” there is an infinite amount of water for use when needed.


  1. Where is the great deep, which God talks about?
  2. How did God flood the earth?

The flood lasted

Breath of life

All the living went in two by two, in which there were the breath and spirit of life; there are spirits in animals and God can communicate with them, but they too can disobey God, and possessed by evil spirits.

Animals in heaven

Seven pairs of clean animals went into the wooden box, and one pair of unclean and crawling things and God picked all of them and led them to the ark. In the ark, there were no evil spirits.  The spirit of life is in animals and it seems likely that we will have animals in heaven.

40 days and 150 days

When the flood started it rained for forty days until the water covered the earth completely, 23 feet above the highest mountain peak, and then the water stayed like that for 150 days before it started to decline.


Can God talk to his creation?

Is there spirit in animals?

ASV notes on Genesis 6:1-4 and questions


Flesh with the five senses

Scholars have, frequently omitted this passage in the Bible. Here is my opinion. Who were the “sons of God”. These men were run by their flesh, that is by their five senses and their feelings, they looked at women with desire and lustful imagination. The Spirit of God did not govern them. He is always against the flesh.

Demon possessed

Therefore, these men were not of God spiritually, they could have been demon-possessed men because fallen angels cannot replicate by having children as far as I understand. Gen. 6:4 says that these men also lived afterward; it could mean that they continued to live after the flood, not the men in the flesh, but men possessed by the same demons.

Pushing the borders

The men and women growing up with Noah lived a corrupt life, given over to sensuality like the development we experience today; especially with all the nakedness and sexuality on TV, pushing the borders of what is normal and legal.


  1. How important is the context in the Bible?
  2. Can humans be demon possessed?
  3. Do the normality change?

ASV notes on the Genesis 6:5-8 and questions

The devil’s demonds can possess both people and animals

Pervert imagination

God saw the wickedness on earth performed by men, women and children, but the worst was that everyone had a pervert imagination and intent of thoughts deep in their hearts. When people are depraved in their way of thinking there is no way back to normal healthy way of reasoning.

Heaven on earth or disaster on earth and hell later

That is why the devil wants God away from schools and the upbringing of children. What we are thinking about, is leading our life. Concerning the people around Noah, they had gradually changed their mind and locked their thinking on the autopilot of the devil set on disaster.

Animals affected too

God saw that the words of Noah did not get through to any of those who he preached to, therefore God decided to destroy mankind, because they were possessed by demonic thinking, but possession did not only occupy the humans, but also animals and birds, only the maritime life seems not to be affected.

We are what we think in our heart

Noah and his family was accepted by God, they were not perfect but their intent and mind of their hearts was on God’s side therefore they were saved by grace, they were credited for what Jesus did for them later.


  1. How important is our thinking?
  2. Is the devil busy in the world today?
  3. Can animals be possessed by deomnds?

ASV notes on Genesis 6:9-12 and questions

Walking with God

The way not the subway

Noah and his family were no better than the rest of the sinful people around him, like if you are borne again and walk with Jesus every day, you are no better than murders and thieves around you. The righteousness of Noah was not in Noah, but in the fact that he walked with God every day. You can say that he walked with God, but not every day. Yes, every day, God is walking; if you are not walking with Him every day, then you are behind. Jesus is the way for you to walk on; He is not a train or a car for you to sit in.

God understands and is good

Noah was preaching the word of God and that made him righteous in the eyes of the Lord, God is not demanding perfection, He looks to your heart and notices the intention behind your actions. God influenced Noah with His goodness and Noah led it on to his family.

 Our flesh

When the sins Grow

Now the population on earth was corrupt and debased, the moral was low and the earth filled with violence. The world was rotten, it was stinking, and decomposing, there was no rescue. Like when you forget some meat in the fridge and find it, the meat is useless and stinks, polluting everything in the fridge.


Only with God, can we resist the development of sin in life; there is no resistance power in your flesh, or in yourself. Against the sin in us, exploited by the devil, the master of seduction we have no chance. We have lost the battle, however feeling good until one disaster comes after the other.


  1. Are you a good person?
  2. When being saved, what should you do?
  3. How does God estimate you?
  4. What is the aim of the flesh?
  5. Can we master the sin?

ASV notes on Genesis 1:1-5

ASV notes on Genesis 1:1-5

There is only one God, And His name is YHWH, and at the time of Moses the only vowel that existed in the Hebrew alphabet was an a, so the name of God is YAHAWAH, and He is the only God and He always works together with His son, and His spirit.

Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible, and here in the first verse Moses uses the word Elohim for God, it is plural suggesting that the creation was done by all three, the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit. Elohim is not necessarily the only God, but in this case it is, spelling Elohim with the capital letter E. But generally elohim expresses what governs, if money governs our life, money is our elohim.

God created from nothing the heavens and the earth, first it was just a hunk of raw material, deep water and the darkness was cowering over it all, nothing was to be seen, but God and the Word was ready, and the Spirit was hovering over the waters. Then God started it all by creating the light, so all could be seen by Him and by all His armies of angles. The light made it all to be watched and witnessed what was going on.

God used the Word, Jesus, to create everything (John 1:3, Hebrews 1:2, and 11:3), that’s why God said “Let there be light”, now God could see and examine the light, what it did, it lit up the creation to be seen, and God saw that it did what it was supposed to do, and God concluded that it was good.

Before the light came, the darkness ruled, but when the light came God made it rule the day and the night. And then there was evening and morning the first day. The darkness was there, the light was created, the evening and the morning became reality and we had the first day. God created the light, the night and the day, but at that point in creation there were no sun, no moon and no stars. The light, the day and night do not depend on the sun going down and coming up. 
Our feeling of time is linked to the sun going up and down, in fact the sun is not going up and down, it is standing still, not moving at all. 

It is the earth that is spinning around itself in one day and going around the sun in one year. This spinning and moving of the earth are giving us the timing of days, weeks, months, springtime, summer, autumn and winter. All this timing God created without the sun, God does not need anything physical to create things. It is the other way around, all the physical need the none-physical to be created. What we cannot see makes what we can see (Hebrew 11:3).

ASV notes on Genesis 6: 13-14 and questions

Preaching and faith


God new Noah well, and Noah knew God, so God decided to reveal the secret to Noah that He was going to destroy almost all the living on earth, God was leaking this secret to Noah, knowing that Noah believed in Him and would try to warn the people around him. God said, “Make yourself an ark”

The box

God did not tell Noah to make a boat, He told him to make a box that could accommodate himself, his family and some pairs of all the animals and flying creatures and provisions needed. The rooms and decks in the box and the coat outside and inside were vital. How the box moved in the water was not important, God looked after them.

No sailor

Noah had faith in God, he was probably not a sailor, he did not know what he was doing, he just knew the architect. For Noah everything was impossible, how could he catch all the animals and birds, and how could he close the huge door. Noah was just obedient and did not care how ridicules it looked.

The truth

Believe in God through Jesus, do not believe in what you experience and see, it is not the truth. We need medics, but medics get sick too. The truth is not in scholars, the truth is not in knowledge or ideas, the truth is not something, the truth is a person and his name is Jesus.


  1. Did God want to kill all the people that died in the flood?
  2. Do we need God in everything we do?
  3. What is the truth?

ASV notes on Genesis 6:17-22 and questions

Hearing, knowing and freedom

Gods law and prophesy

God now told Noah what He would do, what was going to happen, Noah knew that this didn’t depend on him, it was the work of God it was based on a detailed prophesy. This is the way God does things, first the words.

It is finished

The words are not a one sided contract it is a contract, a covenant between God the architect and the son, the Word, and when the words been spoken it is finished in the real world, the spiritual world and then God forms it from the perfect model using humans on earth.

The passion of Noah

Noah knew God and relaxed in His words, but felt sorry for the world, now there was no way back, however Noah kept on talking to them.

male and feemale

Just a mark on verse 19 were God says; “And of every living thing [found on land], you shall bring two of every kind into the ark, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female. “


This tells Noah to bring pairs of all living into the box, not one pair, but that they should be a pair, male and female.

Hearing His voice

 verse 22 it says that Noah did everything that God commanded him. Noah had a strong relationship with YaHaWaH, he knew His name and could hear His voice and distinct every word, not to miss anything. Noah was spiritual awake and Noah probably didn’t do a lot of talking, but he was attentive and alert, ready to listen.

to be set free

We in our walk with God have problems with us being humans and God being spirit, we need to move into the spiritual realm and we can do that by studying the words that Jesus spoke, they are spirit and life. The Word, Jesus is the truth, but the truth will not set us free to hear the words of God with clarity. Jesus gives us the key in John 8:32;

32 “And you will know the truth  and the truth will set you free .”


Knowing the truth will set you free. They asked Jesus, free from what? Jesus came to set people free from their own sin and to give them eternal life. The sin hinders us from hearing the words of God.

To know is to love

We are in a prison of sin and the words of God are on the outside, in the free. The only way into the free words of God is to know the truth. Jesus said I am the truth. To come close to God and his words we need to know Jesus, see John 17:3.


  1. Are free or in a prison?
  2. How do you find the freedom?
  3. Do you hear the voice of God?

ASV notes on Genesis 5:3-8 and 18-24 and questions

First-borne and daughters

Who was the first-borne?

When Adam was hundred and thirty years he had Seth, but we know that before Seth Adam and Eve had both Cain and Abel. The first son mentioned to the descendants of someone in the Bible, is not necessarily the first-born.

Daughters as well

We also notice that Adam, after he had Seth had other sons and daughters, mostly the sons are mentioned in the Bible. However, they had daughters as well. We suppose that Eve was the mother to all the children of Adam, looks like the women at that time were strong and healthy.


  1. Who was Adam and Eve’s first-borne son?
  2. How many daughters did Adam and Eve have?

ASV notes on Genesis 5:18-24 and questions

The importance of the spoken words of God

The preacher

Now in verse 18, we arrive at the old people, beginning with Jared the father of Enoch the preacher. Jared became 962 years only one became older than he did, his grandson. You can feel the blessing of God here in the family of Jared. His son Enoch walked with God, he believed that God was YaHaWaH and was a good God and Enoch preached God’s goodness to people and thought them to call upon His name, YaHaWaH.

109500 days

One day when Enoch was 365 years, God thought that the preaching of Enoch for at least 300 years was enough. People had now heard about Him, who he was every day for more than 300 years times 365 days it takes 109500 days. God will always try to help you, He keeps on trying, you do not have to decide, but you have to listen. God took Enoch to be with Him, Enoch never died he became immortal by preaching the word of God.


What you are listening to grows your faith. If you are listening to the medics telling you about sickness, you will grow faith in sickness, if you are listening to the news, you will start believing in their reports. If you are listening to words like “The good is in human, you just have to look for it and believe that you can do it” that and likewise is a lie from the devil and it excludes God. The fact is, you cannot do it alone, God created you to be with Him, you need Him and God has given you the solution, Jesus the anointed one.


  1. Why should we call upon God’s name?
  2. Why did God take Enoch to be with Him?
  3. What is the only solution?

ASV notes on Genesis 5:25-32 and questions

The hope. God is smart, intelligent and wise


Methuselah became the oldest man that ever lived; he lived in the blessing of his father Enoch and became 969 years. Methuselah had Lamech the father of Noah who was to continue the humankind on earth after the flood. Lamech the father of Noah didn’t become 900 years or more, no he died at the age of 777, God saved him from the flood, Lamech died just a few years before the flood came.

Rest and comfort

In verse 29, Lamech said that his son Noah would bring them rest and comfort from all the hard work with the soil that the LORD cursed. Lamech is calling God YaHaWaH; this was the common name on God from the beginning. Lamech is talking about rest and comfort, and this is a prophecy of the coming of Jesus.

Smart, intelligent and wise

Noah also walked with God as Enoch did and preached to family, friends and all around him. God denied the wife of Noah, children until Noah was 500 years then they had Shem Ham and Japheth. The sin had a devastating effect on people and the society, but God protected the children of Noah by him having children late in life and soon the building of a huge box to float on water occupied all of them.


  1. Could you describe the blessings of God?
  2. What was the common name of God?
  3. How do the sin work?

ASV notes on Genesis 4:4-6 and questions

God is good and fair and knows all about you

You cannot impress or fool God

God always looks to the heart to know that the action is genuine, in this case, that Abel meant to please God with the best he had. You cannot fool God with long prayer or that many are praying at the same time, or good behavior, nice clothing and persuading speaking. How usual is it today that uneducated fishermen are leaders in churches? What matters to men does not necessarily mean that God approves it. But don’t misunderstand me, Paul, the apostle. Was highly educated and wrote half the New Testament.

Credit card

What is important are not what we do, but the intention and thoughts behind it? If what’s in our mind is in our heart, it leads to action without expecting to be applauded by men or society, and then, what you do pleases you, you feel good by God’s blessings if Jesus is in you. However, you may say, Jesus was not in Abel. This is the same question as asking “how was Abraham saved without Jesus saving him from his sins. It is like buying, using a credit card, you have no money, but you have credit and can purchase things. God did credit Abel and Abraham for what Jesus was going to do about 2000 or 4000 years later. God does not treat people differently; He is a fair and good God.

Do not lean to your own understanding

Cain offered his offer to God and when God corrected him he did not change his attitude, he did not acknowledge God as God who knew everything that was best for Cain. Cain thought God treated him unfairly; he valued his own opinion more than God’s and this mismatch between his thinking and What God expressed to him made him mad.

How you look

This anger came from inside and when anger and hostility come from inside, from the heart it affects your appearance, people can observe it, it is visible and God of cause noticed it; “he looked annoyed and hostile”. Our problem is that we do not notice how we look, but our appearance is leaking our inner secrets. It is best for you to change your inside to improve your outside to correspond with the personality of Christ.

“Treated unfairly”

God said to Cain that he had no reason to be angry, it is simple, just believe in Me as God, receive what I am telling you and everything will be a blessing to you. But the sin was lurking in the air.


  1. Do we need help to control our anger?
  2. Does it show what is in our heart?
  3. Does it help that many pray?
  4. Is God quick to answer prayers?