God made the rainbow appear in the sky as a token, not to destroy all living anymore with a flood of water. From Genesis 9:13-17 commented by ASV and questions


There is a difference between God and science, God made everything and scientists is trying to understand it. Before this time in the history of the world, a rainbow in the sky was never seen, it wasn’t there, but now God made a covenant with all living and the sign appeared as a rainbow in the clouds, and suddenly the rainbow was there to be seen. God is God and He never changes, however science is changing whenever they detect something new in what God made.


What did God promise all living in this covenant, not to destroy all flesh? No, He didn’t, He promised not any more to destroy all flesh with a flood of water.


In verse 16, God said; “I will remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth


This everlasting covenant is not just between God and man, it also includes animals, crawling things and flying creature and all living in the water. Being in nature we should respect all living, for instance, insects, they are so fantastic, and beautiful and effective, God respected them and made this covenant with them. God in the words of Solomon said that the wisdom could be seen in the work and life of ants.


Jesus said that we should look at the birds. When outside, take your time and look at the creation with respect and wonder, God made it all for us to enjoy and care for.


  1. When did the rainbow appear?
  2. What is the difference between God and science?

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