God tells Noah and his family to be fruitful and multiply, Every moving thing is food for man, God comunicates with the blood. From Genesis 9:1-5 commented by ASV and questions


God blessed Noah and his family and told them to be fruitful and multiply, children are a blessing in all countries on earth, we should look after them and give them education and protection.


In verse 3 God gives the man every moving thing to be food for him; this did now change from vegetables to meat. Man can eat all kind of meat, but without the blood in it.


In verse 5 it seems like God communicates with the blood in all living and man and the animal must answer for all blood that is taken. The world might not find the murderer and sentence him, but God has already done it.

Death sentence

This verse 5 makes dead sentence right and legal. But it has to be investigated if the taken of blood was intentional or not. God’s motive for the death sentence is surprising and not commonly known.

Blood speaks

God made man in His image, and when murder is committed, someone like God is killed. We are of God’s spirit and the spirits are communicating with each other, blood speaks to blood.


The reason for the death sentence is that God created man in His image and that image is connected to God, no man is left on his own.


Again I will say and make it clear, to have children is a blessing, the circumstances do not matter, we have to respect the newborn life as a blessing and look after the child created in the image of God. God is good and able, in him is the provision for all.


  1. Does the child belong to its parents?
  2. Does God know what’s going on?
  3. Is pregnancy a blessing?

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