Haran dies in the Ur of the Chaldeans, Abraham and his family moves West towards Canaan, Terah dies in Haran. From Genesis 11:31-32 commented by ASV and questions

רוח הקודש


Seems like Haran the older brother of Abraham (Abram) was a lot older than Nahor and Abraham, and had daughters that Nahor could marry. Haran died in Ur of the Chaldeans and the rest of the family decided to move North-West to the land of Canaan.


They went along the trade route with caravans carrying goods to trade in other cities. Along this rout, there were towns/cities they could stay in and buy what they needed. It was a long journey, but they had a lot of cattle and flocks so this was their way of living moving from place to place finding food for their animals.


After a long time, probably years, they arrived in Haran and decided to stay there. My opinion is that the place they stopped and stayed in was fertile with lots of water and provision and they named the place Haran after their late brother. There Terah died at the age of 205 and Abraham and his wife was ready to continue further west to the land of Canaan.


  1. Why did they marry within their own family?
  2. How can we live in the promises of God?


    • Hey Chris, here is the complete sentence you are referring to, “Seems like Haran the older brother of Abraham (Abram) was a lot older than Nahor and Abraham and had daughters that Nahor could marry” It says that Haran had daughter old enough for Nahor or Abraham to marry. Nahor married Milcah one of Haran’s daughters. Haran died in Ur before Terah and his sons moved to Haran, named after their late brother.


  1. Good morning sir thanks you asv I know that you don’t like the word iam useing please sir you are my spiritual father to me sir in the beginning you will not understand I know time is coming you will understand it.


  2. Good morning sir I greet you and your family, in ASV notes on Genesis 11: 26-30 The most high (HAHAHAHA) call Abraham that is why Abraham was very important. At there time the people of Ur they all went to school as children they were well educated and also smart people too.


  3. Abraham wife sarah (sarai) was Abraham half -sister because, at the beginning of generation they were married them self as brother and sister.


  4. Good Morning sir i greet you and your family i hope they all are Fine, Please sir i am going Back to the Descendants óf Adam to Descendants óf Noah to study it Again and all over Again, thank you sir.


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