The descendants of Ham one of the sons of Noah from Genesis 10:5-14 commented by ASV and questions

שלום חברי רוח הקודש

Country, People and language

Looks to me that every country has its people and language, being build up by families. A nation has its personality characterized by certain people, language and togetherness in groups and the building material that keeps everything solid and in balance is the family.


What is a family; child/children and someone looking after them, father and child/children, mother and child/children, however, the most common constellation is father and mother looking after, caring for their child or children. Strong families leads to strong countries.  


The descendants of Ham one of the sons of Noah; From Mizraim came the Egyptians, from Casluhim the son of Mizraim came the Philistines. And from Cush, one of the sons of Ham came Nimrod, a mighty king that ruled over Assyria and built several cities among them the great city of Nineveh.

Questions to consider

  1. What makes a country strong?
  2. How would you describe a family?
  3. Has a country it’s own personality?


  1. Good morning sir I greet you and your family, ASV notes on Genesis 10: 5-14; he is like the World to day with people in different countries with different language, also different countriesnet like American ,African Asian.It TI’s The most high (YAHAWAH) World the creator of the universe.


  2. Good morning sir I greet you and your family, what makes a country strong? Love ; there is power in Love : hope faith peace and unity. The enemy always fights against it amen.


    • Yes, Chris, love makes you strong, however, a country is made out of bricks, like a wall, the bricks are the families and the cement that glues the bricks together is the love, kindness, and forgiveness between people.


  3. How would you describe a family? First you seek the most high God Almighty (YAHAWAH) first into your family he will give you peace Love and rest amen.


    • A family comprises whoever lives together with a public commitment to take care of each other, could, of course, be a father, mother, and children, but today there are many other constellations because of war, poverty, sickness, natural catastrophes and more. In some cases a family consists of only children, however, God strengthens them to survive.


  4. Has a country it’s own personality? Yes of course; each country have his own difference kind of personality, he is going by there culture that makes them to have their own difference kind of personality. Sometimes the way your family bought you too amen.


    • Yes, Chris, every country is different from another, it is spiritual, the spirit that characterizes Spain is different from the spirit that characterizes Nigeria.


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