Noah builds an alter and sacrifices to God. From Genesis 8:20-21commented by ASV and questions

smelled the pleasing aroma

Noah build an altar and offered clean animals and birds to God, Noah loved God in his heart and God felt it and received the offerings and smelled the pleasing aroma. Looks like God was content and promised that He never again will curse the ground because of man. God new Noah and his family, that they in their hearts were evil people, however he smelled the pleasing aroma, which is the sacrificing lamb on the alter, it is the sacrificed Jesus on the cross-forgiving Noah and his family.

Cannot change

This looks promising, but then God gives the reason for not cursing the ground anymore; “for the intent of man’s heart is wicked from his youth.” We are borne wicked; we are not borne a mean thief or murderer, however inside we have the seed of a bad criminal.


God confirmed that in man there was no hope of salvation, God considered Noah righteous, however the hope was not in Noah, and it had to come from heaven. You can try to do good, help others, support good works, it does not matter, your heart is wicked from your youth, and every single baby borne on earth is born wicked.


  1. Do you find someone good on earth?
  2. What does it mean to be borne evil?

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