Adam is 130 and beget Seth, and the really old people. From Genesis 5:3-8 and 18-24 commented by ASV and questions

Who was the first-borne?

When Adam was hundred and thirty years he had Seth, but we know that before Seth Adam and Eve had both Cain and Abel. The first son mentioned to the descendants of someone in the Bible, is not necessarily the first-born.

Daughters as well

We also notice that Adam, after he had Seth had other sons and daughters, mostly the sons are mentioned in the Bible. However, they had daughters as well. We suppose that Eve was the mother to all the children of Adam, looks like the women at that time were strong and healthy.


  1. Who was Adam and Eve’s first-borne son?
  2. How many daughters did Adam and Eve have?

The really old people. From Genesis 5:18-24 commented by ASV and questions

The preacher

Now in verse 18, we arrive at the old people, beginning with Jared the father of Enoch the preacher. Jared became 962 years only one became older than he did, his grandson. You can feel the blessing of God here in the family of Jared. His son Enoch walked with God, he believed that God was YaHaWaH and was a good God and Enoch preached God’s goodness to people and thought them to call upon His name, YaHaWaH.

109500 days

One day when Enoch was 365 years, God thought that the preaching of Enoch for at least 300 years was enough. People had now heard about Him, who he was every day for more than 300 years times 365 days it takes 109500 days. God will always try to help you, He keeps on trying, you do not have to decide, but you have to listen. God took Enoch to be with Him, Enoch never died he became immortal by preaching the word of God.


What you are listening to grows your faith. If you are listening to the medics telling you about sickness, you will grow faith in sickness, if you are listening to the news, you will start believing in their reports. If you are listening to words like “The good is in human, you just have to look for it and believe that you can do it” that and likewise is a lie from the devil and it excludes God. The fact is, you cannot do it alone, God created you to be with Him, you need Him and God has given you the solution, Jesus the anointed one.


  1. Why should we call upon God’s name?
  2. Why did God take Enoch to be with Him?
  3. What is the only solution?

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