God warns Cain about the sin, Cain kills Abel from Genesis 4:7-9 commented by ASV and question

Crouches and ready to attack

God said to Cain that if you do well, that is, listens to Me it will go well for you, stay with Me, be close to Me and know Me, everything that is good for you, is all about Me. However, if not the sin will find you and stay at your door, as God puts it “sin crouches at your door; its desire is for you but you must master it.” The devil is like a roaring lion, he is not a lion but roars like one, he is not dangerous if you know him, because Jesus triumphed over him on the cross.

Always there to take over your life

However, if anger and hostility hit us, the sin crouches at the door; the door that God is talking about is the door into our heart. If we cannot resist the temptations provoked by our senses, it could be that we respond with anger and hostility to situations in our life, but it could also be trivial things in our daily striving, like overeating, too much alcohol, only thinking about ourselves and so on. The sin is always there, like God puts it, “crouches at the door”, and the sin is ready to take over your life and lead you away from God. God warned Cain and said that the sin will always be there ready to attack his week points, the sin is there but you must master it.

Put on the turbo

What is God talking about here; He is talking about disciplining ourselves from the temptations of the devil, which is what we cannot do in our own strength. Cain had God and could have turned to Him for help, but he did not. We cannot do it by ourselves either, but with Jesus, in our heart, we can rely on The Holy Spirit for help and guidance. The quick method is praying in tongues, that starts the turbo engine, and things will sort it selves out. See 1 Corinthians 14:4.

God loves me

In Genesis 4:8 it looks like Cain is talking to Abel and asking him questions or to explain why God preferred Abel’s offer and not Cain’s, maybe Abel said something like God loves me and I love Him and want Him to have the best I can give Him. Maybe Cain was thinking like “who do Abel think he is, better than me?” Christians may answer people in the same way, as God loves me and blesses me, God loves me like a loving Father. Sometimes people today also get mad like Cain and Christians are being killed.

Hate kills

When talking to Abel the anger hit Cain and he could not resist killing him thou it seems planned because he picked a time when they were alone when Adam and Eve or God was not there, Cain went and talked with Abel.  

Do we hear the voice of God?

In verse 9 we see that Cain is lying to God like not a big thing, the sin was being a part of him, he had become a habitual sinner. We can also notice that talking directly to God was not unusual at that time, their spiritual awareness was lot stronger than we find today. Also, it seems that Cain did not feel any gilt, as if he had the right to kill Abel because he was being treated unfairly as he thought. We can just imagine and compare with the rising crime rate of today, seems like people think, that God treats them unfairly all over the world. To see the result we can just watch the news and observe that people are murdered more frequently than before. Cain killed Abel who was innocent; Cain blamed God, but killed Abel.  


  1. What does the sin do to us?
  2. What do speaking in tongues do to you?
  3. Was it a common thing for Cain speaking to God?

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