Adam called his helper, Eve, the source of life, Adam and Eve leaves the Garden of Eden from Genesis 3:20-24 commented by ASV and questions

Life reappears

Adam gave a name to his woman and called her Eve, which means a source of life or life-giver, because she was to give life to all the people that were to be born on earth. Eve “died” however her name was still Eve and she did not change it. She was now going to give birth to “dead people”, people without the spiritual connection to God’s spirit. People were “dead” but the name of Eve was still “the source of life.” In the gloom of death Eve still was a living prophesy, that one day the life would reappear and once again fill the hearts of people with life, life eternal in spiritual connection with God the source.

God loves you

Now Adam and Eve had sinned however, God still loved them and looked after them, He made them tunics of animal skins, God made tunics, not one tunic, but several. The tunics God made must have been of first class.

Another tree

In the middle of the garden, there was another tree, the tree of life, having fruit with the everlasting life in them. The problem now was that if Adam and Eve ate from that tree also, they would live in their fallen state forever and fill the earth with sin and death, If they did not die the sin would develop in all its horror and fill the earth with gloom and darkness.

Leaving the garden

However, God still loved them and all the people after them; therefore, He blocked the access to the tree of life, why, because God loved humanity, Adam and Eve had to leave the garden. 


  1. Why did Adam and Eve have to leave The Garden of Eden?
  2. Does God know how to sow?
  3. Does God know better than you and me?

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