The curse and the savour, the devil and Jesus. From Genesis 3:14-15 commented by ASV and the questions


Because they disobeyed God, they were all cursed, the serpent, the woman and Adam, this curse was automatic and God didn’t act furiously, He was calm and collected and explained the curse to them thoroughly, God is always fair.


God cursed the serpent, however He was actually talking to Satan, and He knew that Satan was the guilty one. Moreover, also the serpent had to pay for listening to the devil.  We are all responsible for our actions, it does not help to blame someone else or circumstances. Jesus died for the whole world and He is always available, there are no excuses. You can be poor, rich, fugitive, in prison, sick, without father or mother, does not matter, Jesus is always there for you.

The Victor

In verse 15, God is talking about the woman and her seed and the devil. The woman is Eve and the seed is Jesus, what God said here is linking the whole Bible to Jesus, He is the connection between the Old and the New Testament. Eve is representing the world and the devil will “always” be there, stealing, killing and destroying. However, Jesus stopped him on the cross and He will finally beat him on the battlefield too.


  1. Why where we all cursed?
  2. Is the world under the curse today?

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