ASV notes on Genesis 2:1-3

ASV notes on Genesis 2:1-3

The heavens and the earth were completed with everything in them, but there were no trees, no plants, no man or woman, no fish, no birds, no animals. Even though the earth and heavens were empty, God rested in assurance that all creation was done and was perfect and it worked according to His intention. Moses wrote that God rested, God was not tired, He didn’t need to recover from hard work, and God don’t get tired.

After completing it all, He was so content that He made the seventh day for His creation to rest in; it was a kind of celebration for man to be grateful to God for what He had done for them. Before the sin man didn’t get tired either, they could stroll around in the garden and look after the animals, birds and all other life on earth and eat from the trees and drink from the brooks. The rest day was of vital importance for man not to forget God and His holiness.

Today we need to consider the importance of God, without Him everything is darkness, to respect God for what He has done, we need His own words, not just to read it, but we need the spirit in the words to be able to fight our own nature, our greed, selfishness, anger, to stop feeling sorry for yourself. It is a daily fight, and to win it you need the strength and love of God. In plain spiritual language, “you need Jesus” see John 6:63

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