Day two and three, the universe, water, and land taken from Genesis 1:6-13, commented by ASV and questions

שלום חברי


Not many scholars have commented on these verses, might be because they are not easy to be fully comprehended. Maybe we do not have all the information we need from the Bible.


This expanse or firmament as I understand it, is the universe and it also includes the earth, and above it, there is water.  But the water “under” the firmament that God is talking about must be on earth, and the water above the firmament could be above the universe, (see Genesis 7:11)


In verse 9, God gives His will to the waters below the heaven or the waters on the earth. God’s will make laws that the creation must follow. In this case, He gives His will (law) to the waters to gather into one place so the dry land could appear. God is making the shores to limit where the waters could go.

Be shaken

However, there will be a time when these laws which God willed into being will be shaken, when for instance the waters would pass its limits, we can see this in Matthew 24:29

Matthew 24:29, darkness

 “Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not provide its light, and the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”


Jesus is talking about a time in the future when the physical creation will dissolve and the laws of God will be shaken, this is a result of the sin causing the curse. Jesus way of saying it is: “The powers of the heavens will be shaken.” The world today suffers from the fact that everything is under the curse from Adam and Eve eating the fruit. We are living under a negative development. It does not take smartness to understand this fact, intelligent or education, no, it takes wisdom from the Words of God.

Refugee camps to cities

They call it the climate change, and it is true the climate is changing, insects are dying in millions, birds are falling down from heaven, fish is floating up dead in thousands, elephants just tip over dead. Today, in 2020 we live in a dying age, it is not just the climates that are changing, everything undergoes a negative development and the humans can do nothing about it. My advice to the governments and world organisations is save your money and spend it on cleaning the land and see for plastic, clean the air in big cities, change the refugee camps to cities and give them clean water, sufficient sewerage, and all the infrastructure like in other cities. And ladies and gentlemen support the poor and give them a decent life, it will help them a lot, and your conscience a little bit.


Back to Genesis 1:9-13. We are now into the third day of the creation and God is talking the vegetation into being, He is dividing it in two, the plants yielding seed and the trees bearing fruit also yielding seed, all according to its kind. God made the vegetation produce seed to replant itself according to their kind. In fruit you will find seed; on plants, you will find seed. God said according to their kind twice for us to understand that this is vital for the plants and trees.


Today “smart people” are trying to improve God’s creation, to “improve” the plants and the trees. I have been living a while and I remember how the oranges tasted, they were sweet, today they taste like lemons. The same with strawberries they used to be sweet too. Also plants and flowers were different, nowadays they have more colours, they look beautiful, but they do not continue to grow like they used to, and they do not last as long as they used to. It is easy to misunderstand what I am marking here; we should, of Course, look after our plants and trees, but should not mess with God’s creation.

Your salvation

Would you like to meet Jesus? if yes you can just ask Him into your heart like this; “Jesus Christ, come into my heart and take over as lord in my life I recognize being a sinner, save me Jesus from the prison of sin, guide me and give me The Holy Spirit.” In the letter to the Romans chapter 10 verses 9-13 you will find some words from the Bible to anchor your salvation. You do not need a pastor or a priest to get saved, hope to see you in heaven.


  1. What is climate change?
  2. How did God create the trees?
  3. What does it take to understand the Bible?
  4. What is the firmament?

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