God created man, a human, on the last part of day six from Genesis 1:26-28 commented by ASV and questions

Complete authority

On the last part of day six, God created man (a human) containing both man and woman. God created them like Himself, a spirit. At that time of creation, there were no physical beings, all were spiritual and perfect. God created man and gave them complete authority over the earth; He said: “let them have complete authority”.


It is like if you are asking someone for something, and the person says let him have it, then by the witnesses it is yours; it does not belong to that person anymore. God by what He said here transferred the authority over the entire earth from Himself and over to “man”, He said, “let them have complete authority

Free will

In Psalm 115:16 this is said: “The heavens are the heavens of the Lord, But the earth He has given to the children of men.” God has given the earth to men for them to cultivate and administrate it; the intention was peace and growth and satisfied people. However, God created man with free will and they could do what they pleased.


God said; Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earthThe earth is big and rich enough, we can multiply and fill the earth, it is food enough for everyone being born on the planet earth that God made, it is plenty. However, today there is much for few, but little or nothing for many. The earth is suffering in war and starvation. Humans rule the earth with hate, selfishness, and lack of knowledge.


  1. Who has authority over the earth?
  2. Is the earth big and rich enough?

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